Ellen Pompeo Joins the Huggies Every Little Bottom Ambassador Team!

By October 5, 2010Helping Others

A few days ago I was bursting at the seams with excitement when I learned that Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy had joined the Huggies Every Little Bottom Ambassador Team!  My fellow ambassadors and I got to speak with her on the phone about the campaign and I was a little nervous to talk to a celebrity…from my favorite show!  I was being a silly girl.  I had no need to be nervous.

As soon as we started to talk and introduce ourselves we knew she was, like us, a mom first.  We were talking to her before she had to leave to tape her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show that aired yesterday.  In the background we could hear her doggie barking and being warned not to wake her sleeping baby Stella.  Ellen Pompeo has a 1 year old little girl and what we heard on the phone was the voice of a mommy who cares so much for her little girl and is now stepping up to add her powerful voice to the Huggies Every Little Bottom Campaign and the official launch of the national diaper drive.

Ellen Pompeo Every Little Bottom

Ellen Pompeo Distributing Diapers at L.A. Diaper Drive

She spoke with us about being a mom, about loving yoga classes with Stella, about the difficulties of motherhood and of course, about why she got involved with Huggies and Every Little Bottom.   I asked her if she was more focused on issues surrounding the health and happiness of children since she became a mother and her answer could have been my own.  And maybe yours.  Shouldn’t we all find some time to help others?

She said…

I would definitely say that being a mom certainly – everything rips at your heart and you have much more compassion towards these issues than you did before and if there are chances to get involved like how Huggies reached out to me, then of course.  Whereas before you may not have had the time.  You become a mother and your heart gets ripped open and you are ready to carry that cross up the hill.  I’m so lucky and truly blessed by my life… it wouldn’t be okay if I didn’t find the time.

Then on Ellen yesterday and in our conversation, she mentioned how simple this cause was and how so many people could help.  It is simple, and I am so thankful that Ellen is using her celebrity status to help get the word out and encourage us all to do what we can.  Every little thing makes a difference in the Every Little Bottom Campaign. 

What Can We Do?

Visit the Every Little Bottom Site to learn the story and facts around Diaper Need.  The facts will shock you, like they did me, my fellow ambassadors and Ellen.  1 in 3 moms struggle to provide their babies with diapers.  That is staggering.  However, when you think about the price of diapers, it is not surprising that diaper need exists.  Diapers are not covered by WIC or Food Stamps.

The site will also help you get involved, from donating diapers to a diaper bank through an Amazon Wishlist that has already been set up to donating your Huggies reward points that come on Huggies packages.

If you can do a little more, consider hosting a diaper drive in your neighborhood, at your office or at your school or even launching a diaper bank in your area.  There are so many ways to make a difference!  Please become a part of this National Diaper Drive!

Stay tuned to Mommy Words as I launch a diaper drive in Charlotte and help raise awareness for existing diaper banks in our country.    I will do my best to make a difference in the lives of these families in need and add my voice to many others encouraging support for this campaign.

Please let me know if you plan to help in any way!  I would love to share your story here on Mommy Words and let people see how strong our community of bloggers and friends can be.  Leave me a comment, send me an email, tweet with me…just let me know!

Note: As an official Blog Ambassador I am a selected social media partner for the Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign. I am compensated for my time as a consultant to the program. However, my passion is real and the content and thoughts shared in this post are my own.

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  • Theta Mom says:

    Rock on Brittany!! The work you are doing for ELB is amazing! The Twitter party was fantastic last night and it’s such a wonderful cause. Thanks for this post and for the hard work you are putting in for ELB!
    Theta Mom recently posted… Words of Wisdom for Newbie BloggersMy Profile

  • Ellen fan says:

    and you are so great for doing all this. God Bless..
    did you know both Ellens brothers live in Charlotte just a little info.

    @ellenprocks 6 ELLEN POMPEO new interviews all here supporting @HUGGIES diaper drive

  • Yuliya says:

    I was starstruck just reading this, how exciting and what a great addition to the cause! It’s amazing when moms (celebrity or not) join together to help each other out.

    I am curious about doing a cloth diaper drive for families in need. One of the biggest reasons I use cloth is economic and I’m wondering if families in need could also benefit from the savings realized. That’s probably not terribly compatible with Huggies though so let me know what you think!

    • Brittany says:

      You would probably need to contact your local area centers to see if this is possible. I am sure there are families who could use them and are prepared for the work. I know that some of the diaper banks accept them so check out the link!

      However, many families who strugle with diaper need are not in a situation where cloth diapers would work. They oftentimes do not have laundry facilities or may use a childcare option that does not allow cloth diapers. Also if a family is choosing between utilities and diapers, I think providing them with disposable diapers that they do not need to worry about is preferred. They have enough stress in their lives. Finally, many of these diapers go to families in shelters and without a permanent home, cloth diapers are not an option.

      Thank you so much for your comment and definitely look into Cloth diapers – some diaper banks do accept them and find the right homes for them to go into!


  • Mama Fuss says:

    Awesome, I love Ellen Pompeo.

    I had no idea you could donate your Rewards points to help others. I never use them – so I just ransacked the collection I have in the kids’ room and put them in my bank and donated. I think they should make a bigger deal about that info – it’s something so simple that you can do to that doesn’t cost you anything but a couple of minutes of your time. I can’t afford to give money, but those points are collecting dust, so why not? Very cool idea.

  • Nella Frosst says:

    I would love for celebrities like Ellen to take their support to a cause like getting cloth diapers onto babies bums. It makes me so mad to see celebrities supporting a product that is so harmful to our environment. Cloth is easy (I cloth diaper twins), cheap, and will work for multiple babies. If the time and energy that is going into this Huggies campaign (which by the way provides great advertising for Huggies), were put in to promoting and donating cloth it would be amazing.

    • Brittany says:

      Nella, thank you for your comment. This is not a cause to promote the use of disposable diapers over cloth. Yes, Huggies will get publicity for donating millions of diapers. I think this is fine because they will be helping so many people for whom cloth diapering is not an option.

      Of course it would be wonderful if cloth diapers were an option for all the moms who are in diaper need as they do not run out but they are not. Many daycares will not allow cloth diapers (mine would not) and most parents who are struggling financially have to work. Many also do not have laundry in their home and would be unable to do the multiweek washings required to maintain cloth diapering (I have used both cloth and disposable and needed to wash the cloth every other day or so). Many of these diapers will be donated through shelters to homeless or transient families. In this case I think the idea of using cloth diapers without a home is not realistic. Even most cloth diapering sites say to use disposables while travelling.

      There are, of course, some people who could learn to cloth diaper and many of the banks do accept cloth diapers and distribute them where they will be effective. I am sure that you could help to raise awareness in your local area for the ease of cloth diapering, should you want to help in your own way.

      Our enviroment is extrememly important, of course, but neither cloth or disposable diapers are free from harming our environment as you look at both of their cycles of manufacture and use. But that is beside the point.

      In this case I believe that the health and happiness of these babies is the immediate and important cause that huggies, Ellen Pompeo and my ambassador team have rallyed behind.

      These babies need diapers now and Huggies is helping. Ellen is helping. I am doing what I can to help. This is about babies more than a diaper debate.

      I hope that you are not angry at people for choosing to support this campaign. I think most moms who are not struggling to make it day to day financially are trying to do the best they can and make good choices for their family and the environment and a million other things. I know I am.

  • Pam says:

    I was just wondering I looked into the diaper Distribution for my area which is a very low income area in Ohio and I see all the Sams club are taking the donations but on the website there is not a single place with 20- 30 miles giving the diapers away… the youngstown area is very low income and in dire need…. I am a grandmother of a daughter who struggles from day to day to provide and I do all I can but am recently unemployed and can not help…
    But If these women and Girls cannot provide how are thewy expected to travel to get diapers?
    Please if someone could contact me with information on how to get people signed up and maybe a local distribution center maybe I can even pass on to the local area news….
    I believe this is a wonderful thing huggies is doing but make it more known and more available to the women and children….. thank you

  • Loukia says:

    SO SO awesome that you got to meet her! How fabulous.

  • Liza says:

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I’d like to get a diaper drive going in my neighborhood – and among the ladies in my mom’s groups. Thanks for bringing this to light!
    Liza recently posted… Fear and Our Resistance to ChangeMy Profile

  • Lucero says:

    Hi Brittany – It’s so cool that you are participating in this program. I found out about it in the mail and actually made it my opening post of the blog Cookies and Bonbons. Glad I found you today. I follow you too.
    Lucero recently posted… 2010 Graco Stroller RecallsMy Profile

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