Dreams of Magic, Sex and Laundry

By October 12, 2010Motherhood

Sophia got a magic set for her 4th birthday. She adores magic and was over the moon for making balls disappear and coins come out of people’s ears. She has the drama and flair for this kind of thing.

Every great magician has a snazzy costume right? She has hers. It will fit her until she is in high school.  No, she has not yet figured out that the girls sometimes wear little sparkly things and don’t actually do the magic.  I fear she would leap to be the assistant and show her beauty and not her magician’s brain at the mere mention of sequins.  Here’s hoping she doesn’t figure it out.

So, I had a dream last night that Sophia was an actual magician and in my dream she was MY magician.  I called the tricks.  I was a generous master and allowed her to continue to make things change places or be stuck in my nose but I wanted the magic for one thing.  Housework.

With that wand she could abracadabra away laundry, dishes, messes and all other household annoyances.  It was like a wet dream for moms everywhere.  Seriously – I hate to be nasty but come on.  Nothing Better.  I’m sure I was grinning in my sleep like some lunatic.  Then I had a sexy dream about Ross and that was great too.  Man was it a good night.

Too bad magic isn’t real.  I woke up from my sex dream to say goodbye to my husband as he left for the airport.  No actual sex had taken place.  I then came downstairs and was faced with this pile of housewife evil.

Honestly, I think I would give more lovin’ if I wasn’t constantly overwhelmed with the joys of motherhood and the painful activies of domesticity.

Great sex and a clean house?  I don’t need magic.  I need a miracle.

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