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I know you have heard of Disney World and Universal Studios and you know they are in Orlando and of course you have heard of Legos.  You may have a child who is slightly obsessed with them, as I do.  You may not know that LEGOLAND Florida is just an hour from Orlando and I would say it is a must visit park for kids, whether they be Lego lovers or not.  Between the rides, the shows, the giant Lego scenes, the water park and the incredibly beautiful Cypress Gardens, grown ups and kids will love spending time here.  If you are taking time to visit the parks in Orlando – do not miss the opportunity to take a day and spend it at LEGOLAND.

Legoland Florida Entrance

LEGOLAND Florida has 11 areas plus a water park (additional fee) for you to explore and since we took almost 1,000 pictures there I thought sharing my overall thoughts on the park and then cover the areas and highlights.  Images are the best way to show you how incredible this park is!

LEGOLAND in a Nutshell

LEGOLAND is hands down our favorite theme park for fun rides and amazing Lego scenery.  We still haven’t seen it all, but I know we will be back!

Rides: I will say that unlike Disney’s Magic Kingdom, very small children under 36″ will be very limited as far as rides are concerned.  The first time we took Violet she still had a blast, but the only rides she could go on were the Carousel, the Safari Trek (34″), Lost Kingdom Adventure (30″), Boating School (34″) and Rescue Academy (34″).  With all the other attractions including 4 playgrounds, she was happy as a clam, but she did have to it out some rides she really wanted to go on.  Over 36″ and the whole park opens up!  Roller coasters and more are there for our 3 foot people!  The rides at LEGOLAND are super fun, but this is not a thrills park.  The roller coasters are amazing and will give you that incredible feeling, but they are totally appropriate for kids.    Our absolute favorite is the Lego Technic Coaster, but Flying School also looks amazing.  It is their tallest height requirement coaster at 44″.  The most amazing thing about all the rides and attractions here is the unbelievable Lego detail that surrounds you!

Tickets and Timing:  You can get 1 or 2 day tickets to LEGOLAND and of course, season passes, which are just slightly more expensive. If you know which day you are going, you can get a discount buying your tickets online ahead of time.  Whenever possible, hit theme parks when school is in session.  If LEGOLAND is busy, I would suggest those family members who want to ride the coasters separate and do the coaster dash to each one before lines form so you don’t need to worry about it the rest of the day.  Apart from the coasters, we have not had to wait very long at most of the rides, though Boating School and Lost Kingdom Adventure (like Lego’s version of Toy Story Mania) do end up with very long lines.

We have always been fine with 1 day at LEGOLAND, but there is plenty to do for 2 days, particularly if you add the water park option.  2 days would also ease any worry about riding everything the first day.  Coming from Orlando in a car was super easy and there is a LEGOLAND shuttle available from Orlando should you be interested.

Now for the fun stuff!

Fun Town

Fun Town is full of yummy food and shops and of course, the kids love the Lego Factory tour, where you learn how Legos are made.  They are also huge fans of the adorable double decker carousel! Do be aware that when you shop for Legos here you will not be able to get VIP points.  Sad, but true.  We usually let the kids build a few little minifigs but save any big purchases for the Lego Store online or near us.

 Legoland Double Decker

If you are fans of meeting the minifigs in person, this is also the place for you.  You know how much we love a good character greeting thanks to Disney so we are all about the minifigs!

Legoland Minifig Character

Miniland USA

Miniland USA is home to NINE specially themed areas.  This is where you see giant Lego creations that will impress everyone!  It is absolutely amazing the amount of detail that you will find here!

You can explore Daytona International Speedway, Florida, the Kennedy Space Center, Pirates Shores, California, New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas and of course and not to be missed…Star Wars! Take a good long time here because you will be amazed!

Legoland Miniland Pirates

Legoland Miniland California

Legoland Miniland New York

goland Miniland Washington

Legoland Miniland Las Vegas

egoland Miniland Star Wars

Legoland Star Wars

DUPLO Village

Duplo Village is ideal for toddlers but we all had fun!  There is an an indoor area that is a wonderful place to rest for a moment on a hot day and let the little ones play.

Legoland Duplo Village

You can also find Funtown here for the little ones with rides for the little visitors and a little Lego outdoor playground.

Lego Funtown

LEGO Kingdoms

Lego Kingdoms have been around since I was a kid to build and this land is made for castle lovers!  The attention to detail is amazing and most of the land looks exactly like the Legos we build at home, only so much better!

Lego Kingdoms

Legoland Merlin Ride

Legoland Joust


The Forestman’s Hideout is a fantastic playground in this area.

Legoland Forestman Hideout

Land of Adventure

In Land of Adventure, you can go on a safari, meet dinosaurs, explore hidden tombs and hunt for treasure.  All of the rides here are fantastic!

Legoland Zebra

Legoland Elephant

Legoland Coastersaurus

Legoland Florida Adventure

It was absolutely hysterical how violet kept kissing the Lego people.  She was just their size and boy did she flirt with them all!  I swear to you the photo opps at this park cannot be beat for a theme park!  It is totally different than Disney, but just as fun!

Violet Legoland Kiss

Miles Legoland

There is also a fantastic playground called Pharaoh’s Revenge in the land of adventure where the kids get to climb through a sort of obstacle course and shoot balls at each other.  Win win in my book!


Lego City is all about boats and cars and regular old city life.  Here you can Find Ford Driving school for little kids and big kids as well as the boating school and flying school.  We found the Rescue Academy ride / game was too hard for our small children but otherwise this land is a ton of fun.  The kids really get to drive the boats and cars!

Legoland Driving School

And get driver’s licenses.  Oh the joy!

goland Driver License

Of course, Violet was simply obsessed with the her sized Legos and continued making friends!



Imagination Zone

We haven’t done a lot of exploring here on the inside, but it looks super cool!  There are lots of building activities and interactive games. We love the Kid Power Towers where you use your own strength to pull your team up the tower!

Legoland Kid Power Tower

And of course, here are the super heroes!

Legoland Batman and Robin

LEGO Technic

It’s rides galore with LEGO Technic Test Track, AQUAZONE Wave Racers and Technicycle. These are 3 of our favorite rides and we usually make a bee line right here in the morning!

This is Test Track, the scariest and most fun ride at the park.  It feels like you are going to coast right off the tracks but it is super smooth and fast and we absolutely love it!  Ride this one early to avoid long lines!

Lego Technic Ride

This is Wave Racers and as you can see, we liked it a lot!

Legoland Wave Racers

Pirates’ Cove

Pirates’ Cove is Legoland’s water ski and stunt show, The Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty and it is fantastic.  Who knew a minifig could ski?  There is a princess and pirates and of course, the people in the front get soaked!  The giant pirate ship looks just like Legos and the we all have a blast every time.  There is plenty of seating too. We usually eat lunch at the burger place here.  It’s not fantastic but timing wise is always seems to work perfectly and be really easy.  Plus, you can eat under a huge cover, which is nice when it is hot!

Kids at Pirates Cove

Minifigs Water Skiing

Lego Pirate Ship

Cypress Gardens

LEGOLAND Florida has taken great care to preserve the soul of the park – the historic gardens established on the grounds of its Cypress Gardens predecessor more than 75 years ago.  Thank goodness because these gardens are breathtaking.  Absolutely to die for.  They made me wish I had a professional photographer there for the perfect Christmas picture!  We take our good sweet time exploring these gardens and it is well worth it.  This whole area is stunning.  There is a lovely path through the gardens that is easy for the whole family.

Sophia Miles Cypress

Legoland Cypress Gardens

Legoland Gardens

Girls in Legoland Gardens

Cypress Gardens

Violet Cypress

When you exit the gardens you come upon the most lovely waterfall with animals all over to be found.  Wait…look closely, they are Legos too!

Exit Cypress Gardens

Legoland Waterfall

Final Thoughts on LEGOLAND

Just go!  Having your jaw drop at Miniland is worth the price in itself.  Then you add Cypress Gardens and it is like 2 parks in one! The photos you will get will blow your mind.  The rides are fun.  It is an easy park to navigate and has something for the whole family.  Feel free to ask me any questions at all and let me know if you have been or plan to go!

Of course, something this good must deserve a…drumroll…That’s Vandy Award!!!  Congratulations to LEGOLAND Florida on being super rad enough to sport this badge!

That's Vandy Award Legoland

Disclosure: We went to LEGOLAND Florida twice last year.  The first time we were provided with tickets and then we loved it so much we went back and we will again.  No one takes 1,000 pictures of someplace they don’t love, right? So, you get it, these are all my own opinions. 

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