Don’t Ever Let it Go

By May 29, 2012My Life, Parenting

Every Child is an Artist

Every child is an artist.

I have not ever watched a child create something without my heart swelling.

Within a creation there is love and passion and it is ALL good.

I believe in letting children explore their creativity.

I do not worry about the mess. In fact, I believe in making a mess.

Art is not clean.

Art is real.

Art is fun.

Art is messy.

Art is full of possibilities.

I believe that art is like life.

Life is real.

Life is fun.

Life is messy.

Life is full of possibilities.

I believe we all have a child within us.

When we let go… When we go out of the lines and out on a limb…When we free ourselves to imagine something new…

We can remain artists forever and begin to paint the world with our love and our passion and we can create great things.

*We had a day full of art today.  We painted birdhouses for our backyard and Violet painted herself.  She was a sight to be seen and photographed and enjoyed.  She was in heaven.  We stamped her paint covered hands and feet on paper and showed her pictures of those same toes on the day she was born.  It was perfect. I am a mother and a child when I am with my childrenIt is a beautiful thing. *









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