Does Anything Beat a Bunch of Batman?

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I’ve got a boy who loves Batman.  Second only to Green Lantern, the Bat holds his heart.  Ah, to raise a boy.

Batman Mask

For a group of 10 little big boys, there is not much that tops a table full of Batman Power Attack toys for them to rip open and play with.  Seriously.  I had a few little games planned and I made some awesome Batman masks.  The boys didn’t care.  They battled the Batmans for an hour inside before they went tearing outside with them. Batman on the playset, Batman on the slide, and boys everywhere!

I usually spend a million years planning parties and here I realized again how little a big group of kids needs to rock an afternoon.

Miles and the Batman Balloon

Miles is 4 now and with just a couple of figures he can make up a world in no time.  Let’s just say when the boys came in and saw this table they started drooling and their eyes got crazy wide. Sophia and I wasted our time making it look good.  The minute I gave the okay those batman boxes were ripped apart.  With abandon I tell you.  Those boys were crazy for the bat.

Sophia Sets Up Batman

There were figures galore and a lot of very happy boys ripping away.

Ripping Open Batman

All of the different Power Attack Batman figures came with different suits and weapons and stuff so I could just sit there and laugh while the boys tried to decide which Batman was the most powerful.  Ice, Swamp, Arctic, Lava…the boys talking to each other was flipping hilarious.

So, I have done a couple of these parties where we get a bunch of stuff for the kids to play with and in this case it was a big hit.  I didn’t have to do anything.  Miles loved it.  The boys just liked playing with each other and those Power Attack figures and eating some chips on a Batman plate drinking juice from a Batman cup.  Kids can be easy to please sometimes.

And, my girls even took the time to put on the masks I carefully cut out that so many boys had abandoned.  I think they are pretty awesome looking.

Bat Girls

I have some pretty awesome ideas for a DIY batman party but I doubt the kids would actually appreciate anything as much as a Batman figure for each and a goodie bag filled with superhero stuff to take home.  Sigh.  I might just do it anyway.  I have dreams of a photo wall in front of a DIY Superhero Kaboom! Bam! Whap! sign that I just can’t get rid of.  It would be so darn cool to do.  It could be art for his room later on.

I digress.  As crafty as you or I  may be, kids like toys.  Moveable, themed Batman figures that come with an enemy to defeat are the best kind.  If you are looking for a gift for a boy who likes Batman, you will get points for the Batman Power Attacks line from Mattel.  The figures are pretty cool and have lots of weapons unique to the original Batman comics.  I know this because I totally watched a bunch of collectors talking about their excitement over these new figures.  Yep, they could name the actual date of each comic episode.  Wow.

The kids voted (it was chaotic but I think there was a consensus) on their favorite.  They all adored the Power Attack Batmobile, of course, but they liked the Dark Knight Rises Blade Attack Batman the best.  You squeeze his legs and the blade flings out.  They were all impressed.

Batman Blade AttackThese figures with the action weapons retail for $11.99 and the smaller ones for $9.00 so they would make a great holiday gift or affordable birthday gift for a Batman fan.

I’m back to dreaming up Batman projects while Miles continues to play with these guys every day.  And sleep with them.  I told you he liked them a lot.

Disclosure: I was sent a Batman Power Attacks party box from the lovely team at MomSelect and Mattel.  I promise, the kids really liked these toys.

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