Sticking to Bedtime in the Summer

When the days are long and the sun doesn't set until long after your child's bedtime, sticking to a routine can be tough!  We love to play until the sun sets, but the little monsters that wake up the next day can be tough on family fun! While we totally give up some nights and enjoy the evening sun, most nights we get our kids in the sack at the regular time, 7 p.m.  This gives … [Read more...]

DIY Confidence Cards for Kids {Tutorial}

We have a few very important jobs as parents. One of the best things we can do is raise kids to have self-confidence. When kids believe in themselves, they are more likely to succeed in friendships, at school and in life.While I was growing up, my mom included a note in our lunch box every day. On Friday's we even got a little gift. We would open our lunch bag to find a note … [Read more...]

Questioning the Food We Eat

Does pop culture change your perception of food? Does Hollywood change our perceptions of farming and ranching?Do you have questions and concerns about the food you eat and feed to your family? For instance,  what do you think when you hear about biotech seeds?What about antibiotics residue...are you worried about the presence of these in your family's food?There are so … [Read more...]

Winning Isn’t Everything

He wanted to win the coloring contest so badly.He spent hours coloring the jaguar mask that matched his favorite jaguar shirt. Watching his tiny 4 year old hand move at an excruciatingly slow pace, careful not to go out of the lines, his face getting closer and closer to the page, I wanted him to win. When he explained his color choices to me and how the red, orange and green … [Read more...]

Don’t Ever Let it Go

Every child is an artist. I have not ever watched a child create something without my heart swelling. Within a creation there is love and passion and it is ALL good. I believe in letting children explore their creativity. I do not worry about the mess. In fact, I believe in making a mess. Art is not clean. Art is real. Art is fun. Art is messy. Art is full of possibilities. I … [Read more...]

Teach Your Kids to be a Planet Protector

Most kids are born with a love for nature.  My kids are no exception.  (This me in the picture above, my kids won't ever pose in a tree) There is nothing they would rather do than play outside.  They water plants, they pick flowers, they spend hours making birdbaths filled with every color leaf or flower they can find, they play with friends...they are just happy and … [Read more...]

Today Show, How I Miss Thee

I know what I am missing.  That lovely combination of news and heart warming stories and weather and celebrities that is the Today Show.  I hop on twitter to say good morning while I pop the bagels in the toaster and every day it is the same.  I see Stephanie @MinkyMoo, Marinka @MarinkaNYC and Wendi @WendiAarons tweeting away about the joys and horrors and clothes and all of … [Read more...]

Reaching the Summit

Our children are confident and strong.  They tackle challenges with glee and without the fear that can come with age and experience.  I am often afraid as I watch them approach physical challenges, imagining the pain of failure or worse, of a fall.   Yet I let them try.  We learn by attempting to reach summits throughout our lives.  Letting them climb is our way of telling our … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Right

I am not a great dinner maker.  I can rock baking, but you know it isn't healthy to serve up cake for dinner.  As a mom with 3 small children, healthy eating is important to me.  I wish it went over better when I announce the nightly vegetable but Miles becomes hysterical when the word dinner is spoken and Sophia asks how many bites she has to have.  Violet is 2 so thank … [Read more...]

What possessed her?

Violet has always been a spitfire, but today she was possessed.She has a mind of her own and I usually find her enthusiastic personality hysterical and adorable, if exhausting. She likes to destroy things and dislikes the time outs that follow.  No surprise there right? Most of my friends with toddlers can place them in the crib if they are inconsolable or out of control. … [Read more...]