When I said goodbye my heart ached to stay.  I sat on the plane and tried to work, but my mind was on my children. When I checked my watch and noticed it was bedtime and I could not call, I longed to hear their voices. I got off the plane and could not talk to… Read More

I have been hiding something for a couple weeks.  I totally let my twitter friends know that I had a big announcement coming, but I could not share my big news until today.  After a few years of blogging away and immersing myself in social media, I have a job doing what I love!  (I… Read More

I spend a lot of time in the loo and as you might expect no matter what my business, I am not alone.  This is motherhood folks.  And marriage after a while.  Dude, just because we are married you can't just come in when I'm going.  I suppose I get the littles doing it but… Read More

Yesterday was March 1st and temperatures in Charlotte hit 78 degrees!  In all honesty, I spent a great day of time while my kids were in school pondering global warming and wondering how people could doubt that something totally fishy is going on.  A quarter of the country is freezing with snow days in the… Read More

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