Bowling Ball vs. My Baby

By February 28, 2011My Life, Parenting, Safety

This weekend we had another trip to the E.R. for Miles.  This kid is going to have the scars of a warrior before he hits kindergarten at the rate he is going. 

Last year Miles launched himself off the couch and hit the coffee table.  This resulted in a lot of blood on my 8 month pregnant body and let me tell you…this brought fast service in the E.R.  I was wearing a white shirt and he looked like he was bleeding from the eye.  That trip to the E.R. sucked.  But at least it was quick.

On Saturday I was all set to spend the afternoon with my sister Katie while Violet napped and Ross took Sophia and Miles to a bowling party.  Then I got a phone call from Ross.  They were headed to the E.R. with Miles, who broke his chin open on a bowling ball.  Of course, I am the mom so I have the insurance cards.  Of course, it took me 30 minutes to find the damn cards.  When I did, I rushed to see my baby.  Thank goodness our hospital has a children’s E.R. that plays Nick Jr.  Franklin held Miles’ attention even while he cried.  Great turtle, that Franklin.

Miles in the E.R.

Ross told me Miles was walking up the lane with his 5 pound ball in his tiny size 8 bowling shoes when he tripped and fell.  His chin hit the holes on the bowling ball. 

His chin started out looking okay but as time went on the wound began to look deep and gross.  I could see stitches in his future.  After about an hour, I was also seeing stars.  I have been sick, and I began to feel light-headed and nauseous.  My head was swimming and we found out after 2 hours that Miles would in fact need stitches and that it would take about an hour to totally numb the area.

I did the unthinkable, at least for me.  I left Miles with his dad and went home to close my eyes.  Miles did say it was okay.  Still, I felt terrible.  But I needed to go or risk passing out in the hospital.  Thank God Ross is such a good daddy and Miles was totally comfortable with him.

When they came home my baby had a band-aid over his 5 stitches and he was proud that he was such a big boy.  He is wild and he is a little warrior.  My little warrior.

He got tired as the afternoon wore on but I got a picture of him before he asked to go to bed.

Miles Bandaid

He woke up and asked if he could go bowling again.  He loved it, despite the injury.

So I guess the bowling ball tried to kick my little guy’s ass but in the end, Miles will go into battle again.

And I, I will hold my breath and watch him grow up. 

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