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Ladies, if we are Old School Blogging, then where the hell are the awards?  Well, I have gathered the ugliest and most widely spread awards and all awards I actually won *blushing, of course* into a MOTHER of an award.

Behold Ye Old School Blogging Award of Awards.  The first one there I got from our very own Theta Mom in July of 2009 and I called her a great new blog.  A long time ago…a very long time ago!

I am a little late to this party so rather than tagging people who will have no time to respond this and then feel all bad, I offer this mega awesome award to anyone getting their Old School Blog on.  It is purty awesome ugly.  Just purty awesome ugly. Rock on sisters and brothers, rock on.

Ye Old School Blog Award

And Now, Get to Know Me

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

Of course I have to think about it and this made me think of doing math in my head and this exercise made my head hurt.  2013 minus 10 = 2003.  Well, crap!  This year is my 10 year anniversary and thanks to Old School Blogging I will be prepared and not remember it when the 1 day reminder pops up on my phone.  So 10 years ago today I was still working at an investment bank for WAY too many hours a day.  I did make enough while I was there to pay off my student loans, so I give that career a fist bump for that.  However, planning a wedding while doing that job was hard.  I was 3 months out 10 years ago so I was most likely working, dieting and dreaming of the honeymoon, otherwise known as the first real long vacation either of us had in years.

2. What 5 things are on your to-do list?

New readers, welcome to the blog of the girl who LOVES list and double loves fancy pens and crossing things off to do lists.  5 things?  I can give you 40.  I am in the middle of my #40DayProject and each and every day I try to do 40 things meant to change my life and just get my crap together.  Basically I am doing really well except man am I tired! On top of that though, I need to call the gutter people because my gutter just fell off the side of the house and I need to prepare for 20 plus kids to be here tomorrow night for a Little Wing music party.  This happens quite a bit, actually. I think that is more than enough for one girl suffering massively from DST syndrome.

Feel free to subscribe and know that each and every day at least someone out there has Duggar style crazy going on a lot more than she ever anticipated.

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

Hands down I will choose bread and cheese each and every time.  The sharper and stinkier the better.  I could live on it.  I could blow a whole budget on it! Then, I love me some Cheetos. Cheap cheese?  Whatever, they are good and crunchy. And hummus.  And apples.  And does wine count as a snack?  Well, it goes with the bread and cheese so I will leave it on the little list.  If I had to put a 5th food snack, it would be a specific kind of bread and cheese.  Parmesan cheese and butter on pitas cooked in the oven until they are crispy.  Freaking heaven.

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:

It is pretty sad that when I was little or maybe even in college I thought a million dollars would be all one would ever need to make to have a family, travel, be philanthropic and basically live the high life.  Then, when I was at ye old investment banking job, there was always a running conversation about how much would you need to make to actually live on it and quit?  Well, suffice it to say it was a lot more than one million for people with kiddos who had any dreams of retiring.  I totally get it now. So depressing.

So, if I came upon a cool million now and ignored the fact that f I actually came upon it after taxes it would be about $600K then I would fund my kids’ college funds now, pay off my siblings’ debt and help my mom get out of the condo she can’t unload.  I would also probably take my whole family on a cruise for Christmas.  Together time, apart time, beaches.  Win, win, win.

5. Name some places you have lived:

Let us not imagine that because I lived in Virginia for 4 years of college and then came south to North Carolina and stayed here that I am a Southerner.  I am not.  I have now been on the border or in the South for 17 years and when people ask where I am from, I still refer back to high school and say New York.  If I could pick one place to live and it couldn’t be a tropical island that remained forever at around 80 degrees, it would be New York City.  I love it and my best friends are still there.

Where else?  Well, I grew up outside Chicago and spent my later childhood years in Massachusetts before the fam made the New York move.  New York girl in North Carolina.  That’s me.  I do live very close to the city, just so I don’t lose my mind.

6. Name some bad habits you have:

We all have a lot, right?  I will give you the things my husband HATES that I do.  I leave the side door unlocked, heaven forbid, when I am in the kitchen and going in and out of it.  I know, the horror!  I finish putting cream cheese on my bagel and then I put the knife in the sink to take care of post breakfast.  It drives him batty.  One must deal with dishes the minute they become dirty.  Of course, he cooks like a tornado and I am the neat one there but he never remembers this.  I bite my nails when I am nervous.  I sometimes interrupt my husband.  I’m pretty sure he thinks I talk too much.  Shall I go on?  I could really exhaust you and I am starting to feel bad about myself.

7. Name some jobs you have had:

I directed a children’s musical theater camp on Long Island for years.  It was my favorite job EVAH in the history of the world.  Huge shout outs to my campers who rocked my world.  In case you wondering, being in musical theater is still my dream and one day I will be back on stage.  Other than that I worked in a bridal shop and a day spa and at a non-profit office and then of course I was a banker and oh – I free lanced and made business plans for companies looking for funding.  That was fun and exciting.  I LOVED being at the beginning of something!

Now, I get all writerly with this blog and help companies establish a social media presence or run their social media efforts.  Soon to come, full on web design and an online course in something awesome if you have a small business.  I refuse to call being a mom my job.  It was one of my deepest desires and I am blessed every single day.  Not saying it is not hard work, it’s just not my job.

8. Name those you are tagging for #OSBlog:

See above.  I bestowed all you lovely with a kick ass award!  This meme (otherwise known as all about Me Me Me) is known as…

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