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Last month I spoke at Bloggy Boot Camp Charlotte on Blog Design.  It is one of my favorite topics and I absolutely love helping people create sites that work well and look fantastic.  I spoke on this topic at Blog World Expo in L.A. as well as at the Type A Conference last year.  It just makes me happy!

I wanted to share my presentation with the awesome ladies from BBC and my readers, who know how much I love this stuff.  Keep in mind, this is simply a PDF presentation from a 30 minute speaking engagement.  It may bring up more questions than answers but I am here for questions! Just click on the presentation photo or the link later in the post!

Feel free to pin this bad boy and make me really happy!

BBC Blog Design Presentation.07.47 PM

I plan on writing a full blog design series and am considering a do it yourself class.  For the time being, please reference the posts I have written and look forward to more!

Please keep in mind these posts were originally written on my old site.  The content area was smaller and I had a totally different color scheme.  That’s Vandy is not done either.  Soon it will be a full magazine style site and currently it is missing some main pieces as I rework them!  I cannot wait to reveal it to you!

Is Your Blog Beautiful Part 1: Header and Navigation

Is Your Blog Beautiful Part II: Sidebars

Now go ahead and check out the presentation.

Bloggy Boot Camp Design

Here is Melissa’s post on our Blog Design Presentation at Type A Conference with a bunch of links to sites we love and to our full and much longer presentation.  We had 90 minutes!

Let me know what questions you have.  Good luck.  Here’s to making a totally Vandy site!

I want to thank Jamie Varon from Shatterboxx designs for her awesome Brandgasm course I just completed.  The stuff on colors is so much simpler the way she explained it and thus the way I included it in this presentation.

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