Because Spies Shoot Bows, Yo!

By September 5, 2012Parenting, Play

Learning to Shoot a Bow and Arrow

Sophia runs off the bus into the arms of her best friend Sean, who is in 2nd grade.  They dart into his house and come out dressed as spies, they say.  They are toting a full quiver of arrows and 2 bows.  I think Sean may have confused the spy look with the Man of the Alpine look, but hey, who cares? Perhaps he was going for a fedora?

Also, I do not know many spies who carry around bows and arrows, but Sophia was determined to learn.  Maybe the medallions they wore made them invisible?  Otherwise that bow is a bit large and would stand out in a crowd.  Totally not spy like.

Sean showed Sophia how to use the bow and arrows and we (my friend Kelly and I) hear a scream.

Holy crap, I thought, she shot herself!  Sean shot her!  Clearly I need to ban bows and arrows in addition to guns.

We went outside as Sophia was running in, unharmed.  She said “Mom, you have to see me”.

That girl stood in the grass, placed her arrow, pulled back and launched that arrow clear across the lawn.

She’s got mad beginner skillz.

I think this means she is ready for sleep over camp next summer, where they rock the bows and arrows all the time, right?

And maybe if we send her to the mountains she will be surrounded by spies who are really Swiss Mountain men and maybe she will start to like goats.

Who knows?

I just know I freaking love my kids.

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