Baby Violet's First Big Girl Bath

By July 14, 2010My Life

Our kids’ bathtub is now officially full as sweet Baby V joined Sophia and Miles for her first big girl bath.  I would say it was a huge success.  Usually she creams for every minute of being in the water in that baby tub.  Lately I felt so bad I have just had Ross hand her to me in the shower.  This is actually very easy and a great time saver!  However, she was ready for the bath seat and the kids have been begging to get her in on the bath time fun so I acquiesced.   As you can see, while there were no tears – she looks a little nervous and unsure of this new adventure.  I repeat – NO TEARS – this is an improvement!  I call this success and can’t believe all my kids are now close to being able to play together!  Time is flying by!    First a bath – then Kindergarten – then college.  Cue Tears.

"Look Mom, No Tears!"

Violet is certainly not starving herself these days and is one chubby and happy little camper as soon as baths are over.  Just so you can see that I did not traumatize my baby, note her smiling.

"Can You Even Get the Towel Around My Belly?"

Stay tuned for her next exciting milestone.  I believe she is almost ready to sit up on her own.  Crazy, I know.  You just can’t wait! I love that being a mommy blogger I am actually cool with posting this stuff and thinking people might read it.  Everybody loves chubby babies right?

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