Baby Shower Crazies!

By July 16, 2009Celebrate

So I am one of 4 gals hosting a baby shower for my wonderful friend Michelle on Saturday and as usual I believe I overestimated my own abilities as well as my time without kids each day.  I also get excited about craft projects WHETHER OR NOT I HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE.  My husband is going to laugh at me or strangle me when he realizes I will not be coming to bed tonight because I will be waiting to change the water for the flowers, make the faux floral arrangement and figure out how to scrapbook.

Here is how my table looks (we are eating elsewhere for now) without the scrapbooking stuff and only 2 of the 8 vases I have to fill.  I have abandoned the idea of tissue paper pom poms even though I love them because I could not find orange tissue paper anywhere.  I made a white one though as you can see.  Wouldn’t it be cute hanging?  I think I may make some bright pink ones for Sophia’s room!  Again…there I go!

The Prep Area

The Prep Area

To summarize what I have now gone overboard on…

First, I decided to save money I would be a florist and order our Gerbera daisies from a wholesaler and purchase inexpensive vases and then babysit the very sensitive flowers and arrange them.  All of this with no skill.  Thank God for the Internet and but I may still fail.  Turns out florists are a little sneaky with their secrets and don’t just share all their goods online like I do.  Believe me there will be a How-To on this site if I accomplish this.  Here’s how the flowers come.

Not Quite Ready for the Party

Not Quite Ready for the Party

So far I have gently taken the daises from their box, filled vases with cool water and some flower food, cute each stem by about 1 inch (this will have to done every 24 hours) and placed them in vases (with their little nets on) and then on a counter that does not get any direct sunlight and is not near any fruit.  The daises are currently hydrating.

LittleHydrating Daisies

Hydrating Daisies

Second, I thought plain old floating candles would be boring so I got a vase that needs a faux flower arrangement inside of it.  Again – NO IDEA how to do this.

Faux Flower Dilemma

Faux Flower Dilemma

Third, the gals had a great idea to take pics of everybody coming to this couples shower and put them in a scrapbook.  Since I was already at Michael’s and I am absolutely fascinated by all the pretty paper in the scrapbooking aisle, I also volunteered to do this.  To be fair to me, I thought scrapbooking was a lot easier than I think it really is.  Please….if you are a scrapbooker or know ANYTHING about it I need help!  I don’t even know if I am supposed to do both sides of the page.  I did get some fabulous Bebe Chic paper though and a very mod brown linen book so I am pumped about that.  Again, maybe it will turn out to be the best baby shower idea ever and I can pass on my hints to you.

A note on the brown…the nursery colors are Brown, Blue and a very mod Orange is the accent.  I will ask Michelle if I can post pictures.  It is SO cute.  It was not as easy to find napkins in brown as in other colors.  Hint:  Shop early if your shower theme is nursery colors and you are not going with baby blue or baby pink.  You will thank me.

I will update later in the day with my progress.  Then you can all laugh at me too.

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  • Katie says:

    I so wish i could be there for Micheles shower! It may be a bit odd though since I am not a couple. Just me! Im sure everything will turn out beautiful!

  • I have every confidence in you – just take a critical look from a distance and go for it!

  • Becki says:

    This is so me. Seriously…I see the cutest ideas and then get all the stuff, bring it home, and go…shoot. It usually turns out okay…I’m sure it will be great! Oh, ordering flowers online is the best…that’s how we got the roses for my wedding…200 longstem red roses for like $80! Lots of work, but SO worth it!

  • Misty Doan says:

    Oh my goodness have I been there. Props for the online flower ordering though! They are always gorgeous.

    I hope all goes well!

    • Brittany says:

      I did it! Thanks for the encouragement. I am so proud I can’t wait to post pics tomorrow I am just too pooped to get the pics off my camera tonight! I even learned to “make” envelopes for the scrapbook!