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I have been using the Baby Brezza for a few weeks now and I am impressed.  I am not a cook and I always get excited about making my own baby food and then I give up pretty quickly.  Now, I am making baby Violet’s food and my kids are helping to make really yummy and healthy dishes that they all eat.  Fruits, vegetables and even meats are all easy peasy to make in the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker.  The Baby Brezza steams and blends in one step so you can cook and mix and feed your little munchkins with no problem!

Baby Brezza Apples

With Violet already 13 months old, I had no idea we would use this machine every single day.  I have found so many different things I can make and so far – the kids really like what we make!

How It Works: 

Well, it could not be easier.  You simply fill the cup to the line and pour water into the opening on the top.  Then you put your chopped ingredients in the cup.  Plug in the Baby Brezza and hit Steam and Blend.  Select the number of minutes.  Then hit start.  After the steaming has completed the machine will automatically blend your ingredient into a yummy puree for baby!  This is perfect for a new baby who is mainly eating one ingredient meals.

I actually usually steam and blend separately because I am using more than one ingredient and actually trying to get a little fancy with my flavors.   The kids all love apples and applesauce, for instance.  Now we make Avocado Cinnamon Applesauce and it is yummy.  All my kids eat it!  So I steam the apples and then open up the cup and throw in the avocado and cinnamon.  Then I hit blend.  When I get the consistency I want, we let it cool off and we eat it!

I also use the Baby Brezza just to blend food for Violet.  She is old enough to eat what we are eating so I will simply put the meat and veggies and potatoes into the container and hit blend until I get to a consistency she can eat.  This is perfect for helping her adjust to big kid food.

I received the grain basket and storage containers so if I am making a little rice I just throw it in the basket and steam away.  All of my kids can eat rice now so there is no need to blend.  I love not having to take out the big pot to make a small serving for them.  If I making food for baby Violet and I want to store some I use the little storage cups and simply pourin my puree and throw the cups in the freezer or fridge.   If I want to use the purees I simply put them back in the basket and can defrost them using the baby Brezza!  I love this!

Mixing it Up:

With a young baby, food is simple and the simpler the better.  The Baby Brezza can give you confidence that you know exactly what you are feeding your little one.  As babies get older, they appreciate new flavors and mixtures and the Baby Brezza can do it all.  There are recipes included in the Baby Brezza manual and thousands online and in baby cookbooks.  Older babies will try almost anything and like most flavors, so this can be a great chance to use the Baby Brezza to introduce your baby to some of your favorite spices and flavors.

One of our favorite things to do with the Brezza is make our own yogurt flavors.  While I have actually tried making yogurt in the past it is not easy enough for me.  But now I like to make my own natural fruit purees and mix them with plain organic yogurt (whole milk for Violet and Low Fat for the kids).  We made Apple Blueberry with Cinnamon today and it is yummy!

Baby Brezza Berries

I put the apples in for 5 minutes and then added the blueberries for the last 10 minutes and switched the Brezza to the Steam & Blend setting.  Isn’t it pretty?  When we took the cap off it smelled amazing!  Then I simply mix the puree with the yogurt and let the kids help stir.  Voila!  Our very own yogurt flavors for a fraction of the the cost every day!  Here you can see the storage containers in their basket with the puree inside and the mixed yogurt. 

Baby Brezza Yogurt

Well, I saw the fruit purees and realized that they could not only be used for baby cooking but for lots of grown up desserts or breakfast spreads.  Yes, I am just a little in love with this tiny machine.

The Nuts & Bolts:

The Baby Brezza is small and cute and I allow it to sit on my counter.  This is a privilege.  Not many things get to just hang out there.  The basket and accessories and lid are all dishwasher safe.  The water compartment is very easy to clean out with a brush and easy to empty into the sink.  The machine has little suction cups on the bottom to keep it from moving.  I love this little detail.  So far everything has been very intuituve with the machine.  It seems well made and very well thought through.


I really like the Baby Brezza and given that I use this every day and I never kept up with using pots and pans and food processors to make my baby food, I say this is a pretty impressive little machine.  It costs $99.99 and will pay for itself if you use it anywhere near as much as I do.  I would highly reccomend the Baby Brezza if you want to make your baby’s food and you want it to be easy.   It is indeed the One Step Baby Food Maker.


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I received the Baby Brezza to facilitate this review.  My opinion of this product is all my own.

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