And Then There Was Noise and Happiness

By September 22, 2010My Life

Usually in the evenings if you peek in our windows (please – just knock – I get freaked easily) or walk by our porch you will find Ross playing his guitar and me clicking away on my computer.  If I can get him to play anything at all by Janis Joplin or the Indigo Girls I will throw my computer to the wind and begin singing…but I digress.

Ross plays a lot for the kids and they love it.  Sophia and Miles are always gathered around him to sing or having dance parties in our living room.  She made it very clear she would like to learn guitar and piano.   Yes, she makes everything she wants very clear.  Usually these things go on the official list of wishes that may never be granted (a.k.a. the Birthday or Christmas List). 

There was a guitar show in Charlotte a few weeks ago and my usually very budget conscious husband came home with the guitar of her dreams.  Let’s be honest – it’s the guitar of my dreams too.  It is a purple Martin.

She started strumming away and the terrible and loud noise made Ross so happy I giggled.  Watching his daughter hold her first guitar was very special for Ross.  Sophia was ecstatic.  They are planning their practice sessions.  They have a little Rock Star Guitar Club thing going on.  I have been designated the singer again, which is fine by me.

Now if he can just teach her how to play the songs I want to sing – we can all be one big happy family.

If you are wondering what I got her…a camera.  She loves taking pictures and can now join me in recording our family memories and snapping up anything she thinks is photo worthy without touching my new Canon T2.

I guess she’s a mix of us, and I like that.  I like it a lot.

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