An Open Letter to ABC for a New Reality Show

By January 25, 2011Marriage, My Life, Opinion

To Whom It May Concern at any network really:

Every week millions of moms tune in to watch The Bachelor despite the fact that the whole concept is a little strange and it makes us a little nauseous to watch one gentleman make out with a dozen girls and have a counselor that says that it’s cool.   Personally, I get why the Bachelorettes cry all the time.  If I believed that my boyfriend was parading around town with other girls and slipping them the tongue, I would be pretty pissed.  I don’t really understand how they fall in love with all those other chicks around actually, but that’s just me.  It is very entertaining, I just feel really bad for all those girls (except the mean one, she actually scares me).

One of best things about The Bachelor is the dates.  The once in a lifetime romantic nights, the never in a million years adventures, and the luxurious surroundings make this married lady drool.  It’s awesome that these single ladies have such wonderful dates with their potential prince.  I think it is probably quite a different story once they are off the show and back to real life, but on those nights…anyone could feel like they were falling in love.

You know who really needs to remember falling in love?  A date like this could be life changing for some of us couples with kids.  See – look how happy Ross and I would be in the Hollywood Bowl dancing and listening to Train sing Marry Me.  I could use a night of jewels and gowns and romance!

Married Couple on Fantasy Date

What I would like to see is real relationships getting that chance at another night of romance.  I would tune in every week to see a real couple have the date of their dreams.  I would never miss the chance to see the actual relationship flames rekindled.  This would inspire me and remind me that all that romance is still here.  Seriously, having a bunch of kids makes it hard to see the sexy sometimes.  I believe people would watch.  Like Extreme Makeover, this is the ultimate in dates for a real couple who needs it.  Guess what, there are millions of those couples out there.  I am not the only one.  Everyone loves a good romance whether they are living it or watching it.

You could start off by letting us get to know the couple and learn why they need this fantastic night.   It does not have to be the most dramatic reason in the world.  No one needs to be dying.  No one needs to be home from war.  I am totally cool watching normal couples.  I know that once the kids come the dates get fewer and fewer.  There is very little time to be alone.  Money is put away for camps and ballet and college and not spent on cocktail dresses and nice restaurants.  For me, when we do go out it is always to celebrate a friend’s birthday or anniversary or support a charitable cause.  All of those things are wonderful, but most couples need a night to focus on them.  It is sometimes hard, day by day, to find that spark that brought you together and made those babies!  Parents everywhere would identify with the couples and the need for that special night!

After we learn what the couple would just love….we watch them get it.  Romance, Adventure, Relaxation, History…it’s the date of a lifetime.  No kids, no jobs, no cell phones, no wondering if they can afford it.  Just a little bit of fantasy and the time to rediscover love.  Then I think we could see them returning to their kids and all the hugs and kisses because guess what, parents love their kids so much that even during a fantasy date – they are thinking of them. 

All in all it could work!

I think it is simple, watchable, and a real tear jerker.  I would be crying…I can guarantee it.

By the way, if you ever do produce a show like this, I would be happy to volunteer as the first couple.  Or take a cut of the earnings, with which I could send myself on my own fantasy date. 

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