Amazon: A Follow Up and a Second Chance

By November 11, 2010Opinion

Reading my comments just now (today was crazy – I had a playdate with about 20 moms and all their kids!) I realized that many of my readers get my blog through email and that it is not immediate.  After I posted last night, Amazon removed the link to the book and pulled it from thier Kindle offerings. 

I was not shocked as I don’t know how a company with policies prohibiting offensive material could allow a book training pedophiles.  However, the author of this heinous novel claims that they are reviewing the title.  I think they will find it does not take much reveiwing to know that this is far past the realm of discomfort or disapproval due to religious or political views.  As I said yesterday, this manual encouraged illegal acts, is pornographic in nature and is essentially a manual on child abuse.  This is not about censorship, but about responsibility and a company’s choice to sell items that do not advocate the abuse of children.

That said, I am happy that our collective voice was heard.  I wish they had issued a statement, but in this case I will take what I can get.  I asked for the book to be removed, and it was.

There are some who will continue to boycott Amazon.  I may be naive or I may seem simple, but I will not do this.  I teach my children every day to confront things they are upset about in a respectful way and then to move on, if at all possible.  Life is too short for prolonged anger.  I do not think a boycott of Amazon is approriate for me.  Given that they removed the title, I am giving this giant a second chance.  I hope that the people in decision making roles heard the voices of hundreds of thousands of people around the country (and world) and think twice before allowing books to be published on thier site with no approval process.

I will not remain angry at the company but I will remain vigilant.  I will pay closer attention to where I spend my money and know that it is always right to speak up when wrong is being done.

If I had decided to boycott Amazon forever, I think I would be saying that you can’t make a mistake.  I think I would be saying that I don’t give second chances.  I don’t want to live that way. (As a note, I also do not want to hurt the bajillions of companies that sell through Amazon and had nothing to do with this nasty book.)

If something this repulsive happens again, I will know that the company is not serious about maintaining a level of basic human rights and decency on their site.  For now, I am going to give them the benefit of  the doubt and and assume that it took them all day (way too long, yes) to deal with lawyers and all the muckety mucks who advise them on whether or not they are limiting first amendment rights.  I am going to say that it took some very smart people way too long to figure out they would not face a huge lawsuit for pulling a book that teaches pedophiles how to abuse our children and get away with it.

Let it be known though, with something this important, I do not think there are any third chances.

p.s. I know there are many people who will disagree with me and believe me, it took me all day to come to this conclusion.  It will still be awhile before I brave the Amazon waters again.  So, just so you know, I totally get it if you are still not okay with shopping there.  I just thought I would let you know where I stand at the end of this as I basically poured my anger out yesterday.

p.p.s. Thank you to everyone who took the time to call, email, chat, report and tweet their disapproval.  Our voices were heard.  We can make a difference.  That’s a very good thing, don’t you think?

p.p.p.s If only positive things would take off the same way this did, think how much good we could do and how many uplifting messages we could send.

p.p.p.p.s XOXOXO to my lovely awesome readers.  Hopefully you will not see the word pedophile on here again.

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  • I’m so glad to hear they removed it.

  • Brittany, I think you were spot on in your assessment of the situation and your reaction/campaign. I agreed with everything you said yesterday, and I’m glad to see you give the second chance today. I think this shows your kids that you are a forgiving person. And, like the rest of us, when we’re burned, we are much more cautious, so watching Amazon carefully is a good idea. I’ll take your advice and do that too. Thanks for such a thoughtful presentation of what moms like me were thinking and feeling.
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  • Thank you is all I can say. Thank you. It’s a heated issue, but like you, I always err on the side of child safety. Well done and so glad Amazon came to their senses. I posted my opinion about this too the day after but not as eloquently as you. 🙂
    Melissa (Confessions of a Dr.Mom) recently posted… Theta Mom RocksMy Profile

  • SuperJenn says:

    Like I stated in previous post… part of what makes your point stand out…what makes you more HEARD is that you did it with passion, with education, and with kindness. Even with a subject matter so vile…you maintained rationale. You maintained a voice that could be heard and conversed with… always the better way to make a point…to make progress.

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