All You Need is Love from the Shorter Set

By February 14, 2011Motherhood, My Life

I do not need to tell you about that kind of lovin’ that goes on with grownups – you know – the  physical boinking (thanks Gigi) in the bedroom or whatever crazy place you find to have sex with kids in the house. 

I just want to tell you that what comes of that boinking is the most precious Valentine’s gift ever.   I love my kids.  They are fabulous from the moment they come out all nekked and gross.  But you know what?  Dressing them up in holiday outfits while they are young enough to allow it makes me absolutely gleeful.  You all know I would have loved twins for this specific reason right?

I give you my Valentines of the shorter set.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

All these Valentines are made in the U.S.A by me and the hubs but I did way more work.  (Also: Sophia was partially cooked in France, England and St. John).

Here is Miles in my favorite shirt ever looking very happy to be my Valentine.  Yes, I bought it a Target.  I owe Target a valentine.  I love that store.

Miles of Smiles

Sophia is my first little Valentine and she woke up saying she wanted to give a Valentine to the whole world.  Well, this Internet thing is as close as she can get.  She wore her hearts for you, world.

Sophia Hearts

My girls are heart-breakers.  Well, they break my heart.  And Violet is wearing Sophia’s old V-day dress and we all know how fast the tears come when we remember when our kids were babies.  I may never get rid of these little clothes.

Sophia and Violet Valentine

The kids refused to stand anywhere but in front of the window and I kept my cool for the holiday.  Once again, my over and under-exposed children in a holiday picture.  Is this a holiday?  Whatever – any reason for a picture is good for me. 

We all wish you a very Happy Valentines Day and send you all our love.  Pass a little love along okay?

The Valentine Clan


Brittany, Sophia, Miles & Violet

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