A Week of Firsts

By September 8, 2009Life in General

Well it was a week of firsts in our house and while some of the pictures are taken with a phone, I thought I would share our week of wonder with you!  Enjoy – we certainly did!

Sunday:  First time Miles discovers the fun of random boxes by himself

littleFirst Box

Monday:  First time Miles goes down the tube slide by himself

The pictures of the actual descent make it look like I am an irresponsible parent so I am not posting them but man – they are funny.  See though – he liked it!

littleFirst Slide

Tuesday: First Ballet Class for Sophia.

I almost cried when I finished putting her hair up away from her face in this crazy toddler ballet bun.  We actually had to use hair spray.  She may as well be a teenager!  I did cry when I saw her in the ballet room.  I may cry every week when I see her in class.  It is precious watching them all through a tiny window follow directions and spin and twirl.  This kind of discipline never happens at home!

littleFirst Ballet

Wednesday:  First Day of School

Sophia was great for posing and jumped right out of the car to walk into school by herself.  After ballet with no mommy and now the abandonment at the front door of school, I am a little sad.  She is so independent!

littleFirst Sophia School

Miles went to his first day too.  He is in the Toddlers class and loving it!  He was not loving pictures so much.

littleSophia and Miles School

Thursday:  Miles’ first Ice Cream Cone

He has had ice cream before.  He loves it.  He has wanted to have a cone like Sophia all summer.  This was his big back to school gift from his daddy.  He LOVED it.  Messy as it was – he may never return to the cup.  Would you?

littleFirst Ice Cream Cone

Friday:  First solo jump off the giant Looney Tunes eraser.

Both the kids live for mall play areas.  So do I as they are free and keep them occupied for at least an hour.  However, Miles needs a lot of help usually.  This time he launched himself off the giant eraser before Ross could help him.  You can see Ross’ hand in the picture.  He did not get to Miles in time.  It looked like Miles might be crippled when he landed, but it turns out that rubber flooring works.  He laughed hysterically and looked SO proud.  He got right back up and continued to give me mini heart attacks over and over.  At least he is doing things on his own.  Maybe one of these days I can bring a book.  Yeah right…

littleFirst Solo Jump

Saturday:  First Sari for Sophia

We went to the Indian Festival in Charlotte last weekend and Sophia loved it!  She and Miles loved dancing to the Indian music and watching the girls and boys in their fabulous mirrored and sparkling costumes.  Aside from a small temper fit because she was not wearing one of the beautiful dancing costumes, she had a blast!  She was able to try wearing a Sari and she thought it was beautiful.  I think she looks fabulous!  Maybe we can watch a Bollywood flick instead of Max & Ruby tomorrow?

littleFirst Sari

Wow – a whole week of firsts.  Hope your school year is starting out with just as many wonderful new experiences and a million smiles!

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