A Love Affair with Chauffeurs and Toilet Paper

I went on a date with my husband.  An ultra date.  This one was special.  We had a chauffeur.  It was a wine lover’s dream.  No kids.  No cabs.  No driving.  Heck, this is everyone’s dream, right?

This date was the bomb.  We switched it up in so many ways.

We left at 4 p.m. in the broad daylight.   That’s right.  Maximum babysitter use.  That chick would be with the kids awake for 4 long hours.  This time she worked hard for her money.  No us leaving after doing the hard part.  We left dinner, books, teeth, stories and wrangling 3 kids into bed all to the sitter.

Check it out.  My shirt is silk people, with little jewels on it.  No boogers and no drool! I cautiously kissed the children goodbye without any *little* hands on my boobs for once and thus began my ultra date!

The Happy Couple

We went shopping at a very fancy little outdoor mall.  We never get to go shopping together.  And I actually looked presentable.   If you ever find yourself out of your daily mom wear, this is the time to hit some shops other than the grocery store and Starbucks.  We wandered for 2 hours in and out of stores we can’t afford and then I saw it.  The sunglass store was going out of business.  Yeah, I hate to see stores not make it but this was a #wahoo moment for me.  50% off.  We went in.  I saw, I tried on, I flirted and I walked out of there with a shiny new pair of shades!

Then we walked in a giant store devoted to paper called Paper Source.  Ross knew that I was in heaven.  This is the kind of store you could never take small children in.  The walls are filled with gorgeous sheets of Japanese paper the children could (and would) rip.  There are journals and notebooks and calendars that are more lovely than the art on my walls.  I am going to frame some of these papers because they are THAT beautiful.  Then I noticed a bookshelf full of books on typography and graphic design and paper art.  It felt like it was a store made for me.  I could have plopped down right there with a glass of wine and been in heaven.  Ross knew how happy this place made me bought me Graphic Design for Non-Designers and a little journal to record my own memories for my children.

It was great to think a little outside the traditional date box and do something quite normal but so rare with small children.  Before kids this little trip could have been a regular Saturday afternoon, but it was special for us.

We wandered into the Dean & Deluca Wine Bar for a drink and my favorite food, cheese.  We did not talk about the kids.  We did talk about how cool it was that there was a driver waiting outside and that we could have 2 glasses of wine if we so chose.  What luxury eh?  We also talked about toilet paper…a lot.  More on the state of our tushies in a bit.

We joined our driver for the ride to dinner.  We have not been alone in a car with a chauffeur since after our wedding.  It’s just too bad there was no divider in the town car.  Let’s be honest though, it might still take more than a glass of wine for me to get busy in a car while moving.  Just saying.  I tried to get a pic of us in the car but  Ross fancies himself somewhat of a celebrity and sometimes gets annoyed by my sometimes paparazzi like camera wielding.  Sheesh I’m a blogger honey…this is what I do.

Ross Celebrity

We had dinner inside Charlotte’s new Mint Museum at a new restaurant called Halcyon.  It is a lovely restaurant that features local artisinal farms, dairies and wineries.  Their ingredients are so fresh that when I asked if they had sorbet (my favorite dessert) they responded that they would but they do not have a freezer.  That is how fresh everything is!  The restaurant was just my style, with tree branches on the ceiling and dining tables made out of full lacquered rings of trees.  It is truly exquisite and yet very simple.

Halcyon Ceiling

We talked about our life together.  We laughed.  We reminisced.  We had fun with just each other.  We rarely get out when it is not for a birthday or an anniversary or some other party so this was just about us.  We need to do this more often.

After dinner walked outside to find a blacksmith artist demonstrating her trade on the balcony of the museum.  I am always impressed by artists and love anything made with our hands and our skills.  And this time Ross was relieved because usually when I see things like this I want to rush out and try it.  Hot smoldering iron…not so much.

Artist Blacksmith

Finally we made our way to the bar in the bottom of the bank we used to work in.  Hey – we had a driver!  It was nice to be in a quiet place and for me, it had been a long time since I had been there.  It brought me right back to my new life, my marriage, and my kids.  I said goodbye to banking and hello to motherhood and blogging years ago.  I still miss it, but I would not trade what I have for the world.

After a little footsie we got back in the car to head home.  Home to our kids and our bed and the most fantastic toilet paper ever.

Cottonelle Ultra SwitchYou see, Cottonelle sent us on this Ultra Date as part of their Ultra Switch Campaign.  They sent us on a date and they sent us a huge pack of Ultra Toilet Paper.  Cottonelle has partnered with Patti Stanger, star of Millionaire Matchmaker, to share her top tips on making little switches that can make a big difference in a relationship.  I loved all the tips and this Ultra Date falls into the “Get Out” category.  We needed to get away from the house and kids and really, this little big date made a big difference.

However…I giggled when I read that Cottonelle wants us to make the Ultra Switch to their Ultra bath tissue.  Does toilet paper matter that much?   I laughed until I put the toilet paper in our bathrooms.  Just over a year ago, I thought I saw this great deal on Amazon and bought a butt load (hehe) of really chap toilet paper.  I was in a hurry and was due to have baby Violet and the reviews were great.  It had 4 stars.  Unfortunately most of the reviews were from people with RV’s looking for the easiest flushing toilet paper around.  I didn’t see that part.  I swear to you for a year we have been wiping with the worst stuff out there.    When the Cottonelle package came, I put the rolls in all 3 bathrooms and we all noticed the difference.  Sophia said it was fluffy.  Miles said it didn’t hurt his nose or his bottom.  Ross mumbled something about “finally” and “it’s about time”.  I suppose that with a man and children in the house we spend more time than most in the loo.  Well, this toilet paper makes it better.  This may be T.M.I. but it’s the truth.  This toilet paper rocks.

Ross came home the next day with a huge package of Cottonelle Ultra.  It is the thickest double roll in the aisle and he (so we) are now committed.

So, we tried something new with date night and we tried something new in the bathroom and both turned out to be hugely successful!  So you see, I love my husband but the chauffeur and the toilet paper, well, I love them too.

Cottonelle is giving away a prize every day for 90 days to help you make little switches.  The average value of each prize is over $200!  Check out packages of Cottonelle Ultra or go to Cottonelle Ultra Switch to enter.  You can also find bonus entries on the Cottonelle Facebook Page.


You can also win a 3 month (4 – 12 Packs) supply of the Cottonelle Toilet Paper we all love!  That’s right – pamper your posterior right here!  Just leave a comment telling me one switch you want to make and hey – if you want to make me laugh, tell me a toilet paper story.  That’s not mandatory but I would just love it.  Good luck!  I will randomly choose a winner on April 13, 2011.

DisclaimerCottonelle sent me and the hub on this fabulous date and provided both a driver and the moolah to do it.  We are so grateful.  My opinions on the toilet paper are all my own…and those of the tushes in my family.

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  • Roxanne says:

    One switch? How about the ex husband moving out? That’s a switch that would be awesome.

    As for a toilet paper story? How about the time my dad visited my dorm in college & saw all the empty rolls we hadn’t thrown out. I made a joke that my roommate & I were collecting them. Two months later he visited again. With 2 huge trash bags FILLED with empty toilet paper rolls. For our collection. Yeah, I get my weirdness from dad.

    Glad you had such a great date night!
    Roxanne recently posted… Book Review- The Source of All ThingsMy Profile

  • Ado says:

    I was right there with you until the toilet paper sale! What a lovely date. And it is a great thing to make your sitter work hard for that $. (-:

  • Violetsouffle says:

    Hm, I might hbe to think on the one switch thing. I’m very happy with our life here in the littlebig city and probably there’s not a lot I would change.
    As for a funny TP story, this past Halloween, Mr.T, the toddler&and myself dressed up as Obama, Sarah Palin (me) and the got was “secret service.” we looked AWESOME and were missing a tiny bit of costume or the kid (a tie, we didn’t own any as she’s a girl!) and so we jetted (okay, puttered) off to Target to buy her one.
    Well, Obama (I mean Mr.T) found this ridiculous good deal on these enormous mega packs of cheap TP and unfortunately-we were out of eggs too. While I was picking out her tie and so we’re checking out with these two huge packs of cheap TP when people start muttering at us. We thought they were just complimenting our costumes but then the cashier asked us very loudly “who’s house are y’all hitting with all this??” and we realized that it was Halloween night and all we’d bought was $45 worth of cheap TP and eggs. We turned red, payed quickly, muttered something about it being a good deal, &left.

  • What a great date night! And a long one. I am the one always totally stressing about the cost of the sitter and what she may be going through!
    Um I spend my life trying to find the perfect toilet paper. I kid you not. It is a quest. I am going to have to check this out!

  • Katy says:

    I would love to switch back to Cottonelle. After baby girl was born we had to cut our budget somewhere….and t.p. did not make the cut. Especially since we our big boy likes to unroll the paper everywhere!!! Imagine my dismay to find half a roll of toilet paper just wadded up on the bathroom floor…..

  • Alexis says:

    I am in 100% agreement with you about making the babysitter sweat. If I could arrange it all of our dates (I say “all” because it sounds better than “2 in 2010”) would start at 3:00 in the afternoon.
    Alexis recently posted… Why Babies Love White NoiseMy Profile

  • Beth says:

    This was awesome! Cracked me up because I totally didn’t see the toilet paper review coming at the end of this fabulous date post! … And it’s been a few years but a moving car isn’t nearly complicated as when one of you is driving! 😉
    Beth recently posted… Life Goes OnMy Profile

  • Mama Fuss says:

    I spend a lot of time in the loo, too, so I’m always looking for a good toilet paper! I will have to check out this stuff…

    One change I’d like to make is getting some alone time. Not even date time, but JUST ME time. I’ve never wanted that before I had a second kid, but now…
    Mama Fuss recently posted… I believe there are angels among usMy Profile

  • Becky Horn says:

    One switch I would love to make if for my husband to drive me around a bit. I do most of the driving. Oh and I have a Toilet paper story. We had secret santa xmas at my house with the family I ended up getting a big, nice, soft package and I thought wow. I hope it is a comforter !! LOL I opened it up and guess what it was!!! A giant 30 roll family pack of T.P. I didnt know what to think!! But It was very very useful with a family of 7.

  • I read that the date was “a” bomb instead of “the” bomb. So I kept waiting for the part where it went horribly wrong.

    So glad it was THE bomb after all! 😉

  • One switch? How about we switch husbands? Yours is cute.

    Love your date
    love that you are wiping in style

    and now I am craving wine…

  • kolpin says:

    i’d like to “switch” to a healthier lifestyle–play more sports outside, etc.
    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  • What a date!! I hope my husband and I get to have that date also.:-) It’s great that you and your hubby had a fun and memorable date night together. It’s great to find some time alone together and just enjoy the night without worrying about the kids.

  • Kristy K says:

    I’d like to switch the weather here in Ohio… we’ve been cooped up since our first snow in November! Looking forward to spring and not this fake spring we’ve been having.
    Kristy K recently posted… Joining the Ultimate Blog Party Better Late Than NeverMy Profile

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