A Little Bit of Pixie Dust – Halloween 2010

By November 2, 2010My Life

We rocked the Peter Pan vibe from Sophia’s Peter Pan Birthday Party all the way through Halloween.  One costume for each kid had to make it through 5 Halloween events.  With a few minor costume fixes we did it and the kids had a blast.  We are now loaded down with candy and plastic junk and if you give me your address I just might send it all to you.

I was reading Jill’s blog where she describes how to get a good shot of the kids on Halloween.  Well, her youngest is like 2 years older than Violet and despite a hundred pics of the whole brood where I embarrassed myself and jumped around and offered candy it was all for naught.  Violet is only 9 months old so neither candy or bribes or funny potty words make her smile.  She is into clapping these days so either her arms are in front of her face or she gets everybody clapping or her clapping is so vigorous that she falls over or she distracts her siblings so…no picture of them all smiling together. 

This is it.  I kid you not the others were worse.

We had a fabulous time with smiles galore – just none at the same time facing forward caught on camera.  Here’s the best of the rest, which I will cherish forever.

My Baby Fairy Tinkerbell.  Not Clapping.  Caught before she crawled into my lap.

My Growing Up Way to Fast Fairy Silvermist, who had to explain to every dad who Silvermist was and why water fairies are the best and what she does to bring spring.  I kid you not – most dads do not watch Tinkerbell and Sophia was not happy that they did not know she was one of THE MOST IMPORTANT FAIRIES.

My Big Boy Peter Pan who is both Gentle and Rough and makes every day magical for me…and messy.

As the night wore on and vampire teeth were passed out Peter Pan showed me what he was made of.  Watch out ladies!  This is Miles’ favorite thing from Halloween hands down.  He told Violet he was sad her mouth was too small to be a vampire…but when she was bigger he would make her one.  Ha!  (No, he has no idea what that means…but we can laugh.) 

Sophia danced as she does everyday in front of the one car blaring freakish opera like Halloween music.  This is the same opera like music she blares in her room while spinning dramatically.  I will always love this about her, because guess what – I rock that way too.  This is her mid flapping her arms as wings.  I guess he forgot she had wings for realz this time.

Finally, Miles grooved his way through trick or treating in his new shades.  He loved them.

Needless to say he tripped a lot.  I’m just not sure how well he could actually see in those things.  He kept ’em on the whole night though and being a few drinks in (me and the whole neighborhood) he provided entertainment for us all.  How.Cool.Is.He.

We had a full and very fun today and even if I did not get my perfect picture, I think I captured all of my kids and their practically perfect little personalities this Halloween.

How did you fare with your photos?  ‘Cause with all that candy – it’s a little hard to focus.

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  • Megan says:

    Oh My! They are getting so big! I LOVE the first picture – sometimes the non perfect shots are the cutest, and that one CUTEs my socks off!!

    I love the waterfairy story! AHH! soo much CUTE!
    Megan recently posted… Halloween 2010!My Profile

  • I think its a great picture! You can see her excitiment! I’m glad you were able to make it through 5 events without much damage to the costumes!

  • teri says:

    Super cute!

  • Those pictures are adorable. What kind of camera do you use? I have a SUPER crappy point and shoot so my Halloween photos are really bad. T1 (dressed as Lord Voldemort) looks pretty red-eyed. You can see them on my blog, but I warn you–not good.

    I know exactly who Silvermist is and why water fairies are the best. Good of Sophia to enlighten all the dads. 🙂
    Grateful Twin Mom recently posted… A blog post a day keeps the cobwebs awayMy Profile

  • blueviolet says:

    They really are darling and they have your sweet smiling eyes. I think you did just fine with your photos!
    blueviolet recently posted… Tutu Much – W-WMy Profile

  • I think you got amazing pictures!! Your kids are seriously just crazy cute. And, I promise, the potty talk will work on them all soon. 🙂

  • Bryna says:

    Very adorable pix. I’m surprised you were able to make the entire group all the same theme. I’m sure that won’t last forever…
    I’m sure you did, but did you make the Peter costume?

    We did okay with pictures even though my Ariel was not so happy and in dire need of a nap and Flounder was needing to be breastfed and was hollering.
    (I can’t upload them to blogger because I’m still trying to figure out why my mac isn’t allowing me to add pix from iPhoto that I just added… But they are on Facebook!)

  • debbie says:

    Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous family you have. I think your photos are incredible. Of course, having the world’s cutest kids doesn’t hurt!
    debbie recently posted… Achieving a New LowMy Profile

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