A Letter to Sophia on Her Fourth Birthday

By September 20, 2010My Life

Dear Sophia

When I met you my heart burst at the seams.  4 years ago today you came into the world and brought me and your daddy a happiness I cannot describe without using words like Brilliant and Bliss and Bountiful.  See?  I use big wonderful words like Fancy Nancy when I remember you being born.  That’s how totally awesome it was (and is) to hold you in my arms.

I watched you sleep with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks that first week…and sometimes when I see you in your bed now, I do the same.  I am so happy to be your mommy.

You are the most dramatic of our kids thus far, and when you laugh – you have always gone for the gusto.  When you were 4 weeks old you not only showed us your first smile – you threw up your arms and literally cackled.

Every day we watch you grow and I am still amazed by the intensity of your emotions even as a baby. You made so many faces and have always made us laugh hysterically.  You were a wonderful baby.   Smiles like these came all the time!

By the time you were one you already had so much to say and so many places to go.  I have always loved going places with you because you get such pleasure out of going out on the town.  You have always been a social butterfly, and you help me realize how easy it is to make friends when you are outgoing and say hello.  I want to thank you for that.  I somehow forgot that as a grownup.

As you got older – you got crazier babe!  You are so much fun to play with and are such a good sister.  It makes me really proud of you.

When you turned 2 I thought things might get hard.  You know, some mommies call that time the Terrible Twos.  I have to say – you were a terrific 2 year old.  You just talked and talked and talked and then talked some more!

While you have always been independent, I want you to know that one of my favorite things is holding your hand.  It’s the best when we’re on the beach and our toes are in the sand.  I know you think so too because you tell me every day how you wish we lived there.  Guess what?  Me too.

As soon as you knew what a princess was you were set on being one and as your best friend, I made sure your 3rd birthday was fit for your esteemed rank!  If you ever read this later, I want you to know that you wore that purple dress every day of this past year and it is still, on your 4th birthday, your favorite. 

I also want you to know that 3 was a little tough on Mommy.  Sometimes I am right, you know.  It’s okay to not wear a dress.  Sometimes when it is freezing cold or we are going to slide on burning hot slides – pants or leggings are better.  You will not die if a leaf gets in your shoe.  If the corner or your blanket is not in the right place on your bed, its okay.  It will still keep you warm.  And hey – if you ask without hysterically crying, I’ll probably help you align it just the way you want.  Little things can throw you a little off balance – so I am hoping 4 is easier on your nerves too.  Your dad taught me that most things are not such a big deal.  It’s a really good lesson.

Sophia, in the last year you have grown up so much, so fast.  Part of me wants you to slow down because I miss my little baby Sophia…but part of me is so excited to see the young lady you are becoming.  You are now a big sister to Miles and to little Violet, who will always look up to you and need you as her big sister.  That is a big responsibility.  So far you are a wonderful helper and your gentleness with Violet is so unexpected next to your wild personality.  It shows how much you love her.  If you show some of that same gentleness with other people in our world, it will be a better place.  Always remember how powerful love is.

My sweet girl, I want you to always stay strong and know that you can be anything you want to be.  I love that you love sports and ballet and books and pirates and know that you do not have to be limited at all because you are a girl.  Girls Rock.  Don’t forget it!

You are creative, like me, and that might be my favorite thing about you.  We color, we sing, we dance…those moments are precious to me.

I want you to know that dancing will almost always make a girl feel better – so feel free to twirl for happiness when you are feeling down.  I will be happy to hold your hands and spin with you.  Never forget how to let go and enjoy a good spin!  And listen to me when I tell you that sometimes its better to go dancing with just the girls.  You do not need boys to have fun on the dance floor!

Finally Sophia, please know that when I say Best Friends Forever each night when I leave your room, I mean it.  I have never meant anything more.  And when you say it back…my heart bursts at the seams…just like it did the day you were born.

You have a big piece of my heart and you always will.

Happy Birthday My Darling.  May your 4th year be filled with friendship, laughter, learning and most of all, love.

Your Best Friend,


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