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By June 8, 2011Opinion

Monday night I watched The Bachelorette with my little brother.  For the second episode in a row, I thought I would throw up in my mouth.  Normally I would not post about this, but I am still disturbed by this 2 days later.  Forgive me if I ramble.  One word: Bentley.

Bentley Bachelorette

Image from ABC.com. I changed it a little. He he he.

Guys like this make me fear for my daughters and wonder how the hell he is the father of a 2 year old little girl.  This man went on this show planning on screwing with Ashley (the Bachelorette’s) heart.  As soon as she admitted she was falling for him and that him leaving would break her heart – he left.  With a smirk on his face he said it was time to make her cry.

He left a trail of nastiness behind.  Nasty nuggets about the possibility to marry Ashley like “I’d rather go swimming in pee.”    This dude knows that Ashley is falling in love with him and he giggles in his interviews, mocking her and saying “this is fun and games for me.”  He calls her an ugly duckling, he mocks her tears and reveals that he thinks all tears are annoying.  He literally laughs while revealing that he knows he will make her cry and then wonders if his hair looks good.  I could go on and on.  Every time this jackass opened his mouth to the cameras and not to Ashley, he was a total douche bag.

What is the absolute worst?  He leaves her claiming to miss his daughter and continues to pretend he has feelings for her while telling the camera she was the kind of girl he might hook up with.  This is where I nearly puked.  He said, let’s not end this with a period.  It’s a dot dot dot.  Gag me with a dude.  He still wants her to love him!  What a total loser.

I was far from speechless as I imagined his little girl one day seeing the things her daddy said about a woman.  His complete lack of sincerity or concern for another person were despicable. How can he be a role model (not that all parents are) to his child?

I honestly thought the producers should have stopped him from continuing when they saw his interviews.  Ratings shmatings – this guy should have been booted.  All of America would have watched them boot him with pleasure and poor Ashley would not be left in dot dot dot limbo.  She would have had the option to tell him what a jerk he is.  She would have closure.

This young lady will see these tapes and know that the man she thought she loved would have preferred the blond haired, well endowed Emily.  She will hear him ranking a pool full of piss above marriage to her.  I have no doubt it will devastate her.

The craziest thing is that there is a woman somewhere who has big enough boobs and a pretty enough face to be acceptable to this guy and she will date him for the celebrity factor, ignoring his MAJOR flaws.  Like, a TOTAL lack of respect for women.

I know this is reality T.V. but I don’t think Ashley signed up for this.  And I don’t think she deserved to be kept in the dark.

I have a son.  I don’t care if he is 10 or 15 or 35.  If he ever pulled shit like this I would call that poor girl myself and I would have words so strong for my son.  Some people say when raising daughters they are trying to keep them off the pole.  You don’t hear a lot of people comment on the biggest fears raising boys.  This is mine.  If I raise a dirt bag towards women, I will have failed.

What did you think?  Should they have let him go on or should they have stopped it?  And let’s go – what are your bets for time until he has some silly chick on his arm and is plastered all over magazines?  I don’t give it very long at all.  I bet we start seeing it within a week of that After the Final Rose show.

Yuck.  I just got nauseous again.

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  • I love love love reality TV, but I have never been able to watch The Bachelor shows. Something about it just makes me so uncomfortable.
    I had heard that this Bentley was a total jerk, but had not taken the time to figure out why.
    So glad that I don’t watch now. I wonder what his mom was thinking as she watched her precious boy?

  • Kimberly says:

    While watching these episodes I was torn between feeling for his little girl and for his mom. Can you imagine realizing you raised that?! My boys will NOT get away with that!
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  • Heather Harr says:

    GREAT blog!!!! I wondered about the cameramen & the producers & how they could listen to his verbal spew & then see Ashley falling for him & NOT do something. I recently re-entered the dating world & the fact that there are guys like Bentley out there who can put on such a great front but then be a TOTAL douche bag makes the dating scene a little scary! I heard an interview with Ashley where she said that unfortunately it won’t be the last we see of Bentley. Gag. Be sure to have your barf bag ready!

    • Brittany says:

      Thanks. I can’t imagne beng a cameraman either or a producer or anyone with a heart who saw him in those interviews. Good luck with the dating scene. I totally get the scary feeling. At least there’s one guy you can SO cross of your list. And yes, if he comes back I will need a bag.

  • Karyn says:

    I think that they should have showed Ashley the tapes after Bentley left, just so that she can see what a jerk he is and move on.
    I hope that the media doesn’t give him the attention that he was seeking. I’m doubtful, however!

  • Great blog post! I do not watch the Bachelor, but heard about this guy. Obviously this guy is a jerk, but I also say shame on ABC. There is one thing to do things for ratings, and another thing to go to far for those ratings–they went too far. They should be embarrassed that they allowed such a jerk on the program, and this really under minds any credibility they have with the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows.
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    • Brittany says:

      I agree. They are supposed to find appropriate possible matches for her and in some way protect her from ne’er do wells. Well, if they keep pervs and criminals off – they should keep this guy off too. He did nothing good for the reputation of the show and was hurtful to their shows main lady. Shame on them is right, I do not think she signed up to be tricked.

  • I was disgusted with the fact that Christ Harrison could sit there and listen to Ashley say she adored the dirt bag and not tell her the truth. They were making her look like an idiot.
    I felt awful about his little girl seeing this in years to come too, he is an awful role model for anyone.
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    • Brittany says:

      Me too! He is a family guy and I can’t imagine being a person, let alone a parent, sitting there and letting this happen. Someone on that crazy show should have stuck up for her rights. And may I say, besides Bentley being a jerk, was he stupid to go on tv and do that? Are there still guys that think it is cool to be that much of a douche? That is really sad.

  • ewwww, this show had just gotten worse and worse. i stopped watching after trista was on, years ago. i’m totally with you on this dude being an insult to men. he’s a disgusting pig and deserves a swift kick to the wiener.

    but………. according to this post alone (because i don’t read bachelorette stuff) i think a lot of the blame falls on the show and its producers. in a way, those producers are “in the know” like the audience is. they see how he really is and then see how he is with her. some responsibility falls on them for allowing this asshole on their show for longer than 4 seconds.

    just my asspinion.

    • Brittany says:

      I have not been watching until my siblings got here and turned it on but man has it gone downhill since Trista and her hunky fireman. I totally agree with your asspinion (as usual). This guy should not have been allowed to do this. I know you are not allowed on the show if you are not single because you are unavailable. This guy was obviously unavailable to Ashley too and made a mockery of her. They kept saying it’s her show, her rules. Well, they should have helped her out and kicked his ass into that pool of pee.

  • Becki says:

    There were not words for what happened. I felt so bad for her during his interviews, I knew that somewhere she was sitting, listening to it. Even IF she has the man of her dreams on her arm right now, those words would still be devasting. No one likes to hear that about themselves. No woman wants to be compared to others, to made fun of, to be mocked, judged, unloved…and all on national TV. Now, I understand on some level that when you choose to go on a show like this you open up the proverbial Pandora’s Box…but this was just nuts. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m really hoping that she was somehow prepared for last night…but I doubt it.

  • smoaksmom says:

    I think everyone is forgetting these shows have producers whose responsibility is to keep ratings up. While I cannot say this type of man doesn’t exist, I am fairly certain he is a plant. The disgust you all feel for him creates the water cooler chatter that the producers want! While you should still be wary of all suiters presented for your daughter, do not let fake reality weigh so heavily on you. 🙂

  • Petra says:

    I stopped watching this, but i see there’s plenty of action now, maybe i should start again 😉
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  • Sara MK says:

    World class jerk and loser!! I saw on a magazine that he comes back – PLEASE, PLEASE tell me this is not true!! How could they let him. Seriously, they kicked off the girl last season they caught hooking up with a staff member, but keep this JERK?! Wrong on so many levels – after last season I swore I was done, but I like this girl and would like to see her happy!
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    • Brittany says:

      I want to see her happy too and I want to see her stop talking about Bentley. But you saw he is coming back…in Thailand. Whoah – not sure what the show was thinking but have to admit I will watch.

  • mommy2 says:

    I am appalled at the show for not showing/enlightening Ashley the truth about this guy and it repulses me that a guy like that can sit on T.V. using his child as an excuse to hurt a woman. It’d be different if it were the truth and he missed his daughter so much it was impacting him staying, but he already shared the info that this was not the case…sad thing is he will probably get wild publicity and calls for shows, job offers, and movie junk due to his performance. This was an all time low for the show 🙁

    • Brittany says:

      Me too. Did you see he will be back next week? What the hell will he say? Of course the show is getting me to watch but it is abhorrent how they did it.

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