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I have been hiding something for a couple weeks.  I totally let my twitter friends know that I had a big announcement coming, but I could not share my big news until today.  After a few years of blogging away and immersing myself in social media, I have a job doing what I love!  (I so need a drum roll) I am the Community Manager for Brica!  If you are expecting or have little ones at home, I am sure you will love Brica as much as I do.  This is a company passionate about helping your family.  It’s all about being a family and Brica is all about Making Together Better.

Brica Logo

A Little About My Gig at Brica

I will be acting as Community Manager for the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as working to find great bloggers to check out their products and share their thoughts with their readers.  Of course, I’m using all the brains I have up there to rocks some strategy sessions too. I’ve also been playing in PowerPoint and building spreadsheets.  Can we say former banker love?  Yes, this is love.

It’s like I can’t say enough about how wonderful this company is.  The people at Brica rock and I have been nothing but super impressed at their enthusiasm for designing products that keep your kids safe and make parenthood simpler and more fun!  As a mother, it means the world to be working with a company that is so dedicated to making products I can use that work right, look good and don’t break my bank.  As a working mother, I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me that the folks at Brica value my experience as a parent, the relationships I have built with women online and off  and the social media skills gained over way too many very late nights.   I waited to find the right company to work with when I had the time to do a great job.  I am so happy this opportunity is here for me.

There may be an opportunity for you too!  We will be reaching out to bloggers for reviews and also have a super awesome conference sponsorship in the works!  If you’ve got little ones and you’ve got a blog, let me know if you might be interested!

A Little Bit About Brica

Brica focuses on innovating products for your family in the home and on the go.  They know that small things can make a big difference in the everyday things we do with our little ones. Brica wants to help make that difference.  I can tell you from spending hours with them and checking out all their products, they mean what they say.

Brica Products

Here’s the very skinny on what I picked to feature above. It’s just a few of the cool products they have!

Is your baby under 2 and still rear facing as recommended?  Well, Brica has a day and night light musical mirror that entertains baby and has a night light so you can check in even in the dark.  This clever mirror is remote controlled.  How cool is that?

I’ve always loved the idea of suction cups in the bath but hated how they worked.  Brica has a super awesome special suction cup called a Push Lock that activates when that little white button is pushed.  It is super strong and this little corner bath basket will stay put and drain easily and of course, encourage your child to put their toys away!

The fold n go travel bassinet folds up to a tiny size and weighs less than 3 pounds!  It meets the ASTM bassinet safety standards and will make trips to the park, a playdate or grandma’s house so much easier!

If you like to travel with your little ones like we do, Brica has some great products for the airport like the Roll n Go Carseat Transporter that is tiny, sturdy and easily transforms your car seat into a stroller!

Brica also designed an incredible bag for traveling with your car seat called a Cover Guard.  They were all smart and put the wheels on the other side so they don’t dig into your back and so that the angle is more comfortable to pull that baby!  Even better, they added a pocket you can access from the outside to use up that giant void inside most car seat bags.  Now you can get to that stuffed animal or blankets or all those diapers you stuff in there like I do.

I have 3 kids 5 and under so this little fold n go travel booster would rock my travel world.  It folds up flat and has a 3 point harness so even younger ones will be a little taller at the table while still being safe and secure.

I just have to add one more since we all, kids included, love our phones so much. I love the Phone Pod that attaches to the stroller or to the grocery cart for easy access to your email or list or shopping app.  Of course, you can also attach it for the little ones so they can play.  Love this!  All the buttons are accessible but the phone is secure.

Brica Phone Pod

Join the Brica Community

I would just love to introduce you to Brica!  Why wouldn’t you want to connect with a company and team of people dedicated to making together better?  Please come and visit Brica’s Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest and greatest on the fabulous products and great deals and giveaways!  Brica couldn’t be more excited about connecting with parents and I am totally pumped to help them connect.  That’s what we do as parents every day.  We tell our stories, we ask questions, we help when we can…we support each other.  Brica wants to be a part of helping your family.  Come on over!

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