A Beach Intermission

By April 20, 2011My Life

The show will go on here at Mommy Words, but due to a terrible Internet connection and an absolutely fabulous beach, we will have a brief intermission and be back next week.  It took hours just to get this to come up and work, and I do not have hours to spend away from my family.  There are so many reasons this is a good thing, not the least of which is sparing you the jealous pangs of anyone not here.  Also, we are just super busy collecting sand and stuff.  You know how it goes.

Exhibit A:  I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Violet Holds Daddy's Hand

Exhibit B:  This Beach is Super Fly Man

Beach Party

Exhibit C:  Dance Parties by the Pool are Super Cool

Pool Party

Exhibit D:  Getting All This Water on the Sand Will Take Forever

Collecting Water

So you can see we are very busy.  The beach is huge and gorgeous and we are working very hard to get as much water as possible to our area of the sand.  It’s not easy.

We will spend the rest of our time eating wonderful food and exploring and of course, trying to get a picture of all 5 of us smiling.  Attempting the impossible, I know.  A girl can dream, right?

I will be back next week with the What’s Your Word Series on Monday!  Remember, the word of the week is GLEE!  I know, easy for me with all this wonderfulness.  Get ready to link up!

Thanks for understanding.  You know I love you.

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