6 Years Ago Our Lives Changed Forever

By September 24, 2012Parenting

First Family Photo

My first child was born 6 years ago.  We named her Sophia Elise.  My heart exploded with joy.  Life has never been the same. I have learned more, loved more, cried more, laughed more and grown up more in these past 6 years than in the previous 28.

Some days every minute seemed like an hour and a half or even a week.  Motherhood is not easy.  I am not perfect.  She is not perfect.  We are both learning.  Looking back, 6 years feels like 2 minutes and I want to take back those years and hold my precious baby again. In the same breath, I could say I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow into the spectacular woman I know she will be.

These last 6 years have been a blur I recorded in thousands upon thousands of pictures.  I spent the last few weeks glancing at the moments and usually ended up in tears.  I have this place to record our family and leave these precious moments for my children to read.

For the past few weeks, I have been more introverted than extroverted and I have shared less.  There is so much emotion that came this year and I don’t always have the words for it.

I didn’t know how my baby starting Kindergarten would feel a lot like loss to me.  I miss her. I am so proud of her and so excited for her but I want her back.  Because she rocks.  Because I mean it when I say Best Friends Forever every night.

I remember her first weeks and spending every day watching her grow and learn and smile.  She has been feisty since the day she was born.  I didn’t write here then.  You didn’t get to hear how she has had the smug look of satisfaction since her first real expressions or how she has made pirate faces since she was a baby and how she has always laughed with wild abandon.  For her birthday, I wanted to share with you, and her, some of her first moments.  In many ways, she hasn’t changed a bit.  I hope she always keeps this spark, as tiring as her amazing energy can be.

Sophia 4 Weeks

Sophia was born with one of the most fantastic smiles.  She shares it with people all the time.  She brings smiles to others.  One of her greatest gifts is being able to make other people happy.  A huge smile and an open heart go a long way.

Biggest Baby Smile

Sophia is a fan of funny faces.  She can make people laugh.  It is a gift.  Of course, as a child, it helps if you can do funny things with your tongue.  Sophia has one of those tongues that can do strange things like flip itself over or wiggle up or bend sideways…and it is long.  We used to call her Gene Simmons.  It is pretty much awesome.

First Mothers Day

If Sophia wasn’t laughing, she was sticking out her tongue.  This is not even all the way out.  We have a thousand pictures like this.  I told you.  She still thinks it is funny.  So do I.

Baby as Gene Simmons

See?  Here she is learning to flip her tongue.  That thing is always out.

Learning to Flip her Tongue

The only thing that always bothered Sophia was her lack of hair.  She has been waiting for it to grow for so long.  It causes fights.  She gets upset.  She can’t believe her 2 year old sister’s hair is longer than hers.  She tried not brushing it because she thought that would pull it out.  This battle may never end.  We all know being a girl with difficult hair is like a totally tough first world problem.  By the time she turned one she could say hair and she asked about it all the time.  She has always been obsessed with her hair.

Where is my hair

Today I am remembering the day she was born and the funny things she does and the first time we celebrated Sophia’s first year.  Who knew where 6 years would bring us?

From a baby to her first birthday to today and beyond I want to remember as much as I possible can and leave for her the knowledge that my heart is always hers.Her smile will always make me happy and her spirit will always make me proud.

Sophia One Year Old

Now, Sophia is 6.  Happy Birthday Baby!  I am so lucky to be your mama and I’m so happy your hair is finally growing!

Sophia 6 Years Old

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