5 Easy Ways to Go a Little Greener

By April 30, 2012Campaigns

Every day is Earth Day.  Yes, we have a special holiday for the Earth but since we live on it every day and we need the Earth to thrive and not suffer, every day is Earth Day.  There are thousands of ways to be more friendly to our Earth, but making simple commitments to change a few things forever can make a big difference in the long run.

Here are 5 simple ways we can all be a little greener and help the Earth a lot.

Make less Trash.  Period.

The goal is simply to throw away less, put less stuff in landfills.  Whether you go all geek and weigh your trash or simply count your trash bags and set a goal to throw away one less bag a week to start and then 2 and then 3, you will be making a change.  This can be a goal for the whole family.  If you get down to your set goal, have a treat planned for the fam.

To reduce trash?  Always think if what you are throwing away can be re-used or recycled.  If not, just think whether there is something that could replace that item in your trash.  Plastic bags, paper towels and plastic bottles come to mind.  They are easily replaceable with reusable bags, cloth towels and your very own washable water bottle.

Unplug Your Appliances.  Especially Your Computer.

It’s called vampire power and basically it means that even when you think your stuff is off, it is still using power.  Your phone, your computer, your lamps…everything.  If you take a few minutes to unplug you will save power and save money.  Turn off your electronics using the on / off switch and not just letting them turn off on standby.

Drive Less

It’s no secret that gas is expensive and a limited resource.  When you can walk or ride a bike it is good for you and for our planet.  I know we all have to get to the grocery store and run errands so what about just combining these errands so that instead of running out every day you just have one day a week where you run around.  If you have kids activities try to combine something you need to do near where you are already going.  This will save time, money and energy!

Open Your Windows

When it is temperate outside, open up your windows and turn your AC or heat off!  It will save money and energy and make your house feel a little fresher.  In the warmer months, let the fresh air and sunshine in during the cool morning hours when the sun is low in the sky.  If you are trying to keep a cool home, close the windows and pull the shades when it gets hot and the sun is overhead to keep the house as cool as possible.  Open back up again in the evening to let the cool breezes and not your AC cool your home.  In the colder months we do the opposite.  We close up the house in the evenings as it starts to get really cold.  As soon as the sun is up and really shining we open up the windows and get as much light and warmth in the house as possible.

Shop Local and Seasonal

The closer your food is grown to home, the better.  Not only will you be helping your local economy, you will also be saving all the energy it takes to get your food from the other side of the country to your home!  We have a number of farmers markets here that are excellent for produce and meats.

We also have a tiny garden that we grow veggies in.  We just finished the brussel sprout season and our broccoli is peeking out!  A simple raised bed takes up very little space and provides the freshest option possible!  You can’t get more local than your own yard.  I am even begging my husband for some egg laying chickens these days…we shall see.  Wouldn’t fresh eggs be heavenly?  Chickens eat mosquitoes too!  Here’s a great little plan for a $10 cedar raised bed from the awesome Ana White!

Just doing a few things will make a big difference and make your life a little simpler and more budget friendly too.  Helping the Earth is a Win-Win-Win!  Don;t forget to check out my tips for getting kids involved in being a little greener!

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