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By February 14, 201340 Day Project

40 Tasks for 40 Days

The 40 Day Project started yesterday and while I am a little teeny bit nervous, I am ready.  No more lazy around here.  I promised you my list of 40 things to do for 40 days and here it is.  Many of these things may be things you already do.  Fist bump.  You are all awesome.  For me, I fell behind in places and I let the internet make me think it was totally okay to be a wreck but I just wasn’t feeling it. So a lot of these 40 things have to do with getting back on a REAL schedule for keeping my house neat and clean with 3 kids.  But there is a lot more.

I tried to put all the tasks into categories and I’m really happy to see that I did pick things to help in each important area of my life. Not only do I focus on me and my family but on relationships outside this home as well as on my business and my dreams and on stretching my mind and of course, exercising my body.

Feel free to take a look and join in on any that you can rock in your life.  I think setting real tangible goals and making lists is incredibly helpful when trying to make a change.  Ideas are great, but I need something to look at and remind me not only of what I am supposed to be doing, but of the goal.

Okay, I need to add something.  I started to add links to some resources I am using and I will update this post as I come across great guides or ideas.  Who knows, I could end up with a whole fix yourself directory over here!  Also, I came to the conclusion last night after a long argument with myself and after 2 glasses of wine that I will allow myself to do 2 of something one day and not do it the next day.  So, it could be like 40 things, 40 times in 40 days.  Example, if I write and send 2 love notes today, I can check it off tomorrow too.  Sounds fair, right?

Without further ado, I present my list.


1. Pray

2. Meditate

3. Read the Bible or any religious text

4. Pay myself a compliment

5. Turn something negative into a positive


6. Read something I disagree with and take the time to craft a respectful comment. I can feel my brain stretching just thinking about this one.

7. Mindmap for 10 minutes.  Like when we were little and writing our first little books.  LOVE IT!  You can read about Mind Maps at Mel’s awesome site, MomComm.

8. Complete a puzzle in my puzzle book.  Do not give up! Keep my brain active.  Love me some logic problems.

9. Learn something new that has nothing to do with social media.


10. Drink water.  Here is a handy little quiz that calculates how much water you should be drinking based on about 10 questions.  I am at 68 ounces a day.

11. Exercise for at least 30 minutes. Goes totally along with the Diet Bet I just started with the NGN group.  It started yesterday so feel free to jump on board!  Put $20 bucks in and lose 4% of your weight in 30 days to have your share of the pot, which is now over $3,000!

12. Experiment with style.  Wear something besides jeans and a black shirt. I am sure to have tons of help should I need to reach out for inspiration.  Two of my lovely friends here in Charlotte are stylists and they just rock.  Check out Catherine at Closet of Style and Whitley at The Queen City Style for some great ideas.  They are both moms too and make wonderful cheerleaders for those of us, like me, who need a little help in the fashion department!

13. Stretch for 10 minutes. Morning yoga with the kids!

14. Eat a vegetable other than lettuce or potatoes.  If you need some help on this one, and I always wonder how much is enough…Roo threw together some awesome fruit and veggie charts to show you just how much you, your kids and your man need!


15. Talk to my husband about something other than our kids or our bills or the other everyday stuff.

16. Spend time alone, even if it is 10 minutes, with each of my kids.

17. Mail a love note to someone special (It could be you!).

18. Pay someone else (not in my family) a compliment and spread it far and wide.

19. Sex. Yes, every day. My husband wasn’t really listening when I was talking about this 40 Day Project and well, he started coming around when he heard this!

20. Call a friend on the phone just to say hi.


21. Work on a project (I’ve got a lot started!).

22. Use my DSLR and not my phone for photos…and take a picture with me in it!  Check out this AWESOME Daily Self Portrait Project by Sarah Reinhart.

23. Use my DSLR on manual.  I love this Manual Photography Cheat Sheet from Living in the Stills.

24. Photograph something I love that I already have (Okay at this point I might just have to jump on the Tumblr wagon).

25. Make a color palette for web and print design projects.


26. Clean out 1 cabinet, drawer, or closet.

27. Check something off my Home to Do List.

28. Laundry. One load, every day, washed, folded and put away.

29. Clean all clutter from kitchen counters.

30. Clean all clutter from desks.

31. Go through the mail. All of it.

32. Use the chore charts (mine included).

33. Disinfect, like scrub and make shine, something.

Writing & Blogging

34. Write a post.

35. Comment on at least 10 blogs.

36. Spend 30 minutes to 1 hour on my new site.

37. Write for 30 minutes for my eBook.

38. Check my reader and clear it.

39. Encourage a new blogger.

40. Work on my full organizational calendar / planner book.  There is a goal here, to have it ready for me and for you to download at the end of this 40 Day Project!

Don’t forget I will be using #40DayProject to share my journey and if you choose to participate in any way please go ahead and use the hashtag or tag me so I can see you and give you a yeah baby!

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