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It’s that time. The kids are going back to school and parents everywhere have those back to school lists. We already got our school supplies lists, but I have heard there will be more. In addition to the lists, we have clothing and even technology to consider for even the youngest children. It all adds up to a pretty penny and while exciting (my first will be starting Kindergarten!) it can be overwhelming for your brain and your wallet!

There are two awesome ways to win some moolah from American Express Membership Rewards to help with Back to School Shopping!

First, the American Express Back to School Giveaway is happening on Twitter.  Fun times!  Check out the site and choose your favorite look and tweet away!  Old Navy has tons of great stuff for kids at awesome prices so your dollars, or points, will go far!  Hurry because this is just today, 8/28 and tomorrow 8/29. There will be 25 winners randomly chosen!

Americn Express B2S Contest

Second, you can win a $250 gift card from AmEx here! That’s like 25,000 awesome points for you!

Win American Express Gift Card

American Express asked me how I would spend 50,000 Membership Rewards Points ($500) to prepare for Back to School and I covered a LOT of bases with it!  Membership Rewards points are so flexible.  Not only can I buy items directly from the site, I can purchase gift cards and go shopping online or in the store and I can also link my points to Amazon and buy virtually anything!  Target also has a shop AmEx option so basically, I am totally covered. If I have already spent money at a store, I can even choose to use my points to pay for charges on my AmEx in certain categories like office supplies and groceries!  Yes, read school supplies and school lunches.  How cool is that?

So, what would I buy for Back to School with 50,000 American Express Rewards Points?

First, we need to wake up and Sophia has no alarm clock.  I love this iHome™ Dual Alarm Clock Speaker System for iPod®.  It will wake up my kindergartner and play her music and charge her iPod overnight!  While we may wake up to the Bieber, at least we will be up. (9,600 Points)

iHome Dual Alarm Clock

Second, we need to get dressed.  There are tons of great gift cards on the Membership rewards site and for my little ones I would be all over the GAP or Old Navy.  For Sophia, she needs uniforms, and Lands End is on the approved list!  Lands’ End also has fabulous back packs and lunch boxes that are very highly rated so this is a no brainer! I used 12,500 points for a $125 gift card to Lands’ End! (Actually, right now there is a SALE on Lands’ End gift cards so this would only cost me 10,625 points!)

Lands' End Gift CardThird, we need to be able to exercise and play!  Thankfully, gym has not been cut from the budget so we need some shoes…and socks.  I love these Nike shoes with the velcro on top and the bright pink!  Sophia has these shoes and LOVES them! So, a $75 Nike Gift Card it is!

Nike Gift Card

Fourth, we will be learning about math and numbers and oh yes, money.  One great way to teach kids is to allot them a certain amount and let them see how far it goes!  When Sophia is not at school, she loves to listen to music.  It is not always music to my ears, but she loves the Bieber and Selena Gomez and so many other pop stars.  I want to give her a media allowance for purchasing tunes or apps on her iPhone.  No, she does not have a phone.  My mom gave her an old iPhone that has no service.  So it is like an iTouch.  We will ask her to check in every week with us and we need to approve purchases, so we can discuss her choices.  Sophia will be getting a $50 iTunes gift card. I don’t know why points don’t equate on Apple, but this is 6,700 points.

iTunes Gift CardFifth, we will be having fun!  Sophia has to wear uniforms to school, but the evenings and weekend are all for her unique style!  We are going to hook Sophia up with $100 to spend at Old Navy, the Gap or Banana Republic (she loves their hair stuff) to rock her own look. We all know how far a dollar goes at Old Navy so she should be able to have some fun with this! This will be 10,000 points. Then we will hook her up with a Zappos.com card for $50 so she can get a pair of shoes that really sparkle.  Quite literally, I am sure! These are on sale for 4,250 points!

Old Navy Gift Cardzappos gift card

I have now spent just under 50,000 points and have a great start to our Back to School shopping! No doubt I would use the remaining 1,300 points for supplies on Amazon.  It is just so easy!

How to Win a $250 American Express Gift Card

Well, it is super easy!  Just tell me what you would buy with 25,000 Membership reward points.  Just click over to the Membership Rewards site and pick something.  Then tell me in the comments.  I have included extra entries if you are interested.  Good luck!  I can’t wait to see what you find!

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