Conference Nerves before Blog World Expo!

I am so excited to speak on blog design at Blog World Expo tomorrow!

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As you know from the series on design I have not quite finished, I think a good looking blog is all kinds of important and I can’t wait to present with Melanie from Blogging Basics 101 (@chilihead).  If you can’t wait for some design tips, check out my posts on Great Header and Navigation Design and Sidebars Design.  Anyway, I am totally pumped to speak on Blog Design and hope that lots of people come to our session Friday at 1:45 in Room 515a because we will be giving some great advice for niche bloggers of all kinds, parents included!  I also love to give advice and I am honest, so please come to the session and give me your card / blog.  I will be happy to set up time to take a look and make suggestions! 

So About those Nerves

I am not usually a nervous person.  I confront issues, attack problems, fix things, can figure out almost anything and love, and I mean love, meeting new people and public speaking.  It seems like I would have no nerves at all heading to Blog Word Expo this morning in Los Angeles.

I am not nervous about speaking.  I am cool with this.  I am not nervous about my topic as I discuss blog design all the time.  I am happy with my knowledge and know I have something to share with others that is of value.  It’s okay that I am self taught through years of reading books on graphic design and typography and googling everything design related.   I am good at it.  I should share what I know.

Still,  I am really nervous.

Primary Reason for Nerves

All of the above is true about me, but I more than a little shy at first.  I also get overwhelmed by large crowds that I am part of (not that I am performing in front of).  This all means that conferences and the parties can be hard for me without a side kick.  This time around I have no side kick.  And sometimes when I am all alone I decide to just sit at my computer and write instead of getting out and meeting people.  Just because I get so nervous that I will be to shy to introduce myself.  {Unless you have a baby, then I will be unable to resist introducing myself. And oohing and ahhing and hoping we get to know each other so you let me hold your little bundle of joy. Yeah, I am in the air and already desperately miss my hubs and kids.}

Those of you who have met me may be shocked as I am a hugger and a talker and I love a good party.  I just need to get my groove and find a few people I know or I become even more shy.  I have tried to change this.  It frustrates my husband and my friends.  I am working on it but if you see me please say hi.  I am usually singing to myself while checking out pics on my camera.  I am really uber friendly after all of 2 seconds.  Just give me a chance.

Secondary Reason for Nerves

I grew up in the theater.  Musical theater to be precise. My biggest fear was losing my voice.  My second biggest fear was a lack of audience.  It is hard to put on a good show to empty seats.  Blog World Expo is a huge conference with hundreds of phenomenal speakers and a dozen tracks and I just hope that people come to our session because I promise, we will do our best to totally rock it!  I am a part of the Type A Parent track organized by the phenomenal Kelby of Type A Parent.  This the first year for this track and these panels are dominated by parent bloggers but they are certainly not meant exclusively for parent bloggers.  So, I have performed for a very thin crowd and I am hoping that is not the case tomorrow.  I am okay if it is and will rock it either way.  Still, I am nervous.

Now you see where Nervous Nellie kicks in.  Still, I am excited for my first speaking gig at a blog conference, I am excited about LA and I am over the moon on attending Blog World.  There are going to be some awesome and totally knowledgeable people there to meet.  If I can just get up the nerve to say hi, everything else should be fine.

Any Advice?  Have you spoken before at a conference?  How did you market your topic?  Do you have a little shyness / social anxiety like me?   Is there a good way or trick to get yourself out the door and networking?  I would appreciate any advice!

Let me know if you will be at the session!

p.s. I am writing this in the air on my daughter’s teeny tiny netbook that I won at a conference.  The keys are tiny and there is turbulence.  Mistakes may be found in the above text.  Apologies!


  1. says

    My first official speaking role was at Bloggy Boot Camp last month. I was really nervous too! I think my advice is to pretend like you’re speaking to a group of good friends. And also to be confident! You know your stuff and so go out there and think “I’m awesome!” and you will be. Confidence is different from ego and it can do wonders for getting past the nerves!

    Good luck! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!
    Melissa {adventuroo} recently posted… A Mario Brothers HalloweenMy Profile

  2. natalie says

    You are gonna rock it! I always get nervous when I don’t know anybody as well. I wish I could be there to see you!

  3. says

    My pastor, an awesome teacher and speaker, told me once that even though she’s been doing this for nine yrs, she still gets the heebee-jeebies every time she gets up to preach.

    Even experienced live-performance actors say the same. So, no worries! You’re just normal. ;)
    Emily recently posted… What Is The Meaning Of Life?My Profile


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