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What’s Your Word? is about exploring the impact and importance of words in our lives.  It is also about getting to know each ther and making new friends.  Look for a new word every Monday and share your view through photos, words or video with us. 

I am so excited to start the What’s Your Word? series off with one of my favorite bloggers and a super swell friend, Melissa from Adventuroo!  There could not be a better lady to feature for the the word Adventure.  Melissa is the mom of two budding adventurers under five. When she’s not cleaning dirt out from under little fingernails, she blogs at Adventuroo and Momcomm, a new blog devoted to can-do blogging tips.  She is also super fun to tweet with and can be found @adventuroo.

Please welcome Melissa and don’t forget to link up your own posts! 


It’s meaning morphs and twists as we make our way through life.

Adventure from Adventuroo
Yes, my dog wears hiking shoes. It’s a long, adventurous story for another day.

When I was a kid, adventure meant making forts out of tattered blankets, jumping in puddles in the backyard and the occasional trip to an amusement park. We didn’t do many outdoorsy things when I was younger but that didn’t matter. When you’re a kid, adventure is sprinkled with imagination. Grab a large cardboard box and you’ve got anything from a castle to a race car.

When I was a teenager, adventure meant sneaking out an open window with my cousin to go toilet paper someone’s house with our friends. Or jumping off a highway bridge into a lake forty feet below. Um, let me just block this portion of my life out or I’ll sear my mind with futuristic images of my little boys as grown teenagers, doing dumb, dangerous things like that. Moving on…

When I was in college, adventure took many forms. One weekend it consisted of red Solo cups and free-flowing beer. The next weekend? Inhaling the summer air at the nearby lake.

What about those married years before children were even twinkles in our eyes? We climbed rocks, hiked canyons, traveled to new places and even hit Vegas a few times (if you’ve been there, you can’t argue- it’s an adventure).

I also had a huge bucket list tinged with danger: bungee jumping, skydiving, hiking the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim. The only one of those I crossed off was the last one (and many, many other hiking trips). Nevertheless, I wanted all the thrilling stuff. The things that would give me an adrenaline rush.

And now? We have two young boys. The thought of bungee jumping scares the bejeezus out of me.

Instead, we’ve circled back to the things we enjoyed as kids. The things that fuse adventure and imagination together. Big Roo makes a mean “yucky soup” and Little Roo loves letting different-textured plants slip through his fingers as his stroller whizzes past them on our afternoon walks.

I’d argue that even taking the kids out to eat is an adventure. Although it isn’t necessarily always a positive one (squealing baby, anyone?).

We go on hikes but they don’t require navigating over boulders or camping ten miles away from any road.

Adventure these days? It’s smaller in many ways. It’s definitely less dangerous (and less dumb – oh those teen years). But it’s meaning is oh-so-much bigger.

Technology may change (my son’s never seen a VCR), music may evolve, but adventure comes full circle. I tuck my adventurous memories in the back of my brain and watch my kids experience it all for the first time.

I shape the way our children enjoy the world. I watch their curiosity bud.

Who knew so much was packed into one nine-letter word?

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Next week’s word is Glee!  And don’t just think it’s a word full of honey.  Glee is defined both as great merriment and malicious satisfaction.  Take the word any which way!


  1. says

    Loving this series, having a writing prompt for the week and coming by to read other posts!

    As for eating out, Adventuroo, my favorite part is the not-so-subtle attempt to hastily wipe up about 5 lbs of food scattered within a 15-foot radius around our table by by 10-month-old before leaving. And still leaving absolute chaos behind!
    ChiMomWriter recently posted… Kids Kill HappinessMy Profile

  2. Violetsouffle says

    That’s such a great word. It really seems like Melissa is happy to be having smaller adventures these days. I certainly don’t miss past adventures as much as I wonder what my future ones will BE. I feel stagnant and even bored in this phase of our lives, where partner is just settling into a career and the baby is almost three.

    • says

      I so miss past adventures and look forward to new ones! Shake it up babe and find some adventures all around town. You are so creative and at almost 3, your little girl can do so many cool things with you. Perhaps we could get the kids together for an adventure!

    • says

      Thanks so much for posting! I think you could do one of those bungees at a fair or something. I would still do that but jumping off a bridge…no way! And you know…I still love a little adventure in the afternoon with a cold beer and some good friends!

  3. says

    Love this series, my friend, and I so have to play along soon. :) Love the word adventure and how you identified it differently at each stage of your life so far. Being a mom in itself, to me, is the craziest daily adventure ever!

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