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Yes, this was originally titled Blogging Resolution but all those little things I want to do to make my blog better make for a pretty long list and really, I have a lot of them under control.  It’s baby steps but I have my plan.  I will be sharing it with all of you this year as I walk you through how to do your blog the way you (and your readers) like it and on your own.  I built this site myself and I get so many questions that I am going to start answering them here.

For me, what I never could get my mind around was what I wanted my blog to be.  After more than 2 years of blogging and much thought, I have decided to make Mommy Words a place where I give you myself and ask for just a little part of you.

I am allowing my blog to evolve from recounting my family stories to presenting issues and ideas that move me and focus on women, mothers, families…us.  It is hard to step out of my comfort zone and prepare to bare my heart to you but I need to take back my voice.  I long for discussion and honesty and I have a lot to say and a lot to give.  I love a good challenge and I hope you will join me in discussion as much as your comfort level allows.  Maybe you will even step outside of it just a little bit and see where it takes you.  Believe me, I am going to.

I am also devoting more time to giving back through my blog.  I have an opportunity to use my voice to help others and it is one of the things I liked best about 2010.  Giving back was the best part.  I hope you will see the value and strength your words have and that you too might consider giving some good blog and highlighting needs in our world.

I will, of course, continue to share the hilarious mayhem that exists around me as well as some fabulous DIY projects I have planned for 2011.  Get your tool ready kids.  This is going to be fun.

So you see, it is more of an evolution than a resolution.  It is about growth and change and focus.  Change can be scary, but it is also exciting.

Here’s to a wonderful 2011!  I am wishing you the very best in your life and hoping that you too will take some risks and see where it takes you. 


  1. says

    Love the new mission and header! Blogging is such an evolving process and it looks like you have found your space mama! You are the total DIY girl so I am so glad to see you add this element to your blog!

    Happy New Year!!

    • Jlynn says

      I agree wholeheartedly. I love your blog design and need all the help I can get on updating my own. Although my blog is invitation only at this point.

      I’m hoping on board for the first time and am looking forward to becoming a regluar reader.

  2. says

    Oooh….it’s like you have a real life mission statement instead of a hokey resolution! Great idea! Looking forward to following your blog!

  3. says

    Yay! So excited to read more and more from you. You’re awesome, a wonderful blogger, and I hope to see you again this summer at Blogher! :) Happy New Year!

  4. brittany g. ball says

    I LOVE your new angle on your blog! As a new blogger i can relate to the feeling of not exactly knowing which direction to take, however, i felt as though speaking my mind and heart would ultimately be the best way to go. It happens to be that family is dearest to my heart and well sharing our quirky childrens storys can be entertaining, words of inspiration can uplift the heart. I am excited to see where this new creative process takes you!


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