No School Fool!

I admit, I never thought it would happen, but I cried at the kids’ pre-school today.  We got all ready for the first day of school.  We packed lunches.  We wore cute outfits.  We talked about our teachers and how excited we were to see our friends again.  We attempted to take first day pictures for our memory books.  I imagined 3 hours to get things done in silence and maybe even take a nap.  The whole family was excited!

That excitement was short lived.  Ross and I argued over the light for the pictures because we were tired and probably a little crabby and ready for school to start.  The kids fought over who would hold Violet and the picture above is the best we got.  I got irrationally annoyed that my 3 kids – all under 3 – could not get a professional looking photograph because they could not stop arguing and sit still for one minute.  I admit it – my nerves were (are) frayed.  I over-reacted.  But I kept thinking there is only 1 first day of school each year – and we have to capture it.


Turns out I am a fool.  Ross kept saying Monday and I kept thinking today was September 1, not August 30.  We pulled up to the pre-school and there was some sort of event going on for a local college.  There was no drop-off line.  There were not teachers.  I pulled out my blackberry and looked at the date.  August 30.  There was no school today.

As much as I love my kids, as I pulled out of the parking lot, I cried.  I am tired…really tired.  It might sound wrong but 2 more days seems like a lot right now.  I have nothing planned for kids and a lot of things I will have to push back.  The kids were hysterical because of our mistake so they cried too.   To be honest, I think we all need a little break, some time to be ourselves with our friends.  They have been SO excited to start.  I know not all kids are like this but I swear to you my kids are some sort of super social crazy pre-schoolers who live and breathe for “kid-time”. 

So now, I have wiped my tears and taken a little break while they watched Dora.  It is time for me to go make my kids smile and laugh and spend these last couple days together before they run off to their friends.

I have re-scheduled my nap for Wednesday.  I will prepare an area for the new First Day of School Pics.  I will re-pack their lunches and we will get excited all over again talking about friends and teachers. 

We can’t wait for the “Real”  First Day of School!

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      My marbles are way gone and I totally blame the kids. If I didn’t have them I am sure I would have known the freaking date ya know? Thanks – he does a good crazy surprise face!

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      Yes and look forward I will. If my calendar wasn;t under this huge piles of bills and stuff that I was planning to get to while they were in school maybe I would have been more on the ball huh? I should have known when my blackberry didn’t alert me though…cause its so in there!

  1. Zandi says

    first: I am sorry but I just LMAO. Karma will get me one-day for that I know.

    second : I am sorry! Thats a brutal thing to happen. After I laughed I realized how traumatic it must have been for all of you.

    HUGS. love ya. Wednesday will be all the sweeter when it gets here.

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      Love you too! And yes, you know for me and my uber social lids – this was a total bummer. I know most moms are all upset to say goodbye and hey – I have my moments when I miss them while they are there but those moments do not make me pick them up early or anything, ya know. xoxo

  2. says

    Oh, my…I am laughing only because this is definitely something I would do. Just today, I was waiting on my babysitter to come and 30 minutes after she was supposed to arrive, and I was going to find my phone to find out exactly why she wasn’t at my house yet, I realized it was Monday. (I’m SO glad I didn’t actually call her yet!)

    And you totally get to try again to get a great picture! That’s a huge bonus. :) I’ll check back for the real first day pictures on Wednesday!

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      Thanks!!! I am waiting for Wednesday and we actually got a bunch of stuff done today although much more slowly than had it been just me. Still – we learned some lessons and we had some fun! My nap will be incredible!!!

  3. says

    O my gosh I think I would have cried too, hugs. Everything is so much more intense when you are tired. You had a practice day and will now have a fantastic first day:)

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      It really is the exhaustion I think. Violet is still waking at around 1 and 5 am and with all the heat and long summer I was just really ready for some me time. After a few deep breaths and a couple of Dora episodes of semi me time I felt ready to tackle the day! Thanks!!!

  4. says

    Well it sounds like you have regrouped, I would have cried, also. And think maybe they are to young to hold this over your head, mine won’t stop talking about the 2 times I left her at school and she had to walk home, Didn’t have any cell phones yet, to cheap to pay for them.

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      Haha sometimes I wonder what would happen if I left them at school? I wonder because I’m not sure if they would notice they love it so much. But if they did – I’m pretty sure my almost 4 year old would take every chance she got to tell everyone she knows all the time that mommy forgot her!

      • says

        Nothing much will happen, if they are old enough and they live close – they’ll walk home (but you are right only after they are done.) and if they are not or you don’t live close they will end up in the office and someone will eventually get a hold of you. With all the things I had to do while mine were growing up, I learned early on, that they really are surrounded by more people that want to help them than the one’s that want to hurt them. It’s hard doing it all – sometimes you just blank out and you need some help.
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      Thanks although I’m not sure crying in the parking lot was taking it in stride! Haha – we are doing okay but I am counting the hours at this point!

  5. says

    Oh my, that is quite traumatic, especially when you are mentally prepared for what you want to happen. I admit it…I have done this about my husband’s schedule. I will think he is coming home and then realize I am off a day and end up crying in frustration.
    Melisa recently posted… Fashionable FridayMy Profile

  6. says

    Since I’m reading this on September 1st, I’m really hoping you’ve had a brighter day. Had I been there I would come, swept you away, and treated you to something decadent and chocolate. Cause I hear you, sometimes mama needs a break and now!
    Christine LaRocque recently posted… Big girl blogMy Profile

  7. says

    Awww….I bet you were all disappointed!

    I am ready for my 4 yr old to head off to preschool tomorrow, as I believe she is and her 2 yr old brother is. We all need a little break from each other and a change. I really think Summer break is too long. Not that I want to send my kids off to school and not have them home, but it is really a long time to have a break. The kids don’t get it.
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