The Kids Milked Me

I would never let my husband do this in a million years.  I mean absolutely never.   I never thought I would let anyone do it, but this morning that all changed.  I let my kids milk me. 

I was using a hand pump to get a little milk for baby Violet for her morning nursery time and Sophia asked if she could help.  I said no and she said I told her she could help to give Violet milk when she started using a bottle.  I said you can help with the bottle, not the milking. 

Then she asked me if it was gross?  Well, I do not want my kids to ever think that anything about breastfeeding is gross.  I want them to understand that I make milk for my babies and that I am proud of my commitment to breastfeeding through all of the struggles I have had.  I want them to think that it is totally normal for a mommy to milk herself like a cow.  And so I let her try.   I was muttering inappropriate words in my head.  I mean what the hell was I doing?  Then Miles cried, saying it was his turn.  What the heck…the more the merrier right?   

Both Sophia and Miles successfully milked me.  They were so proud that they made Violet’s milk.  I don’t know if I was proud at the moment as much as relieved it was over.  From now on I will pump a little more privately than in the playroom.

Since it was definitely a first (and hopefully a last) we took pictures! 

Sophia is Pumped!
Proud Pumper

I truly hope you are laughing and not gagging.

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  1. says

    The things we do for our children. And I’m definately laughing, although I’m sure this is one of those moments when you are thinking ” Did I just do a good thing or is this going to cost me a lot of money in therapy to fix later? LOL
    .-= Carol´s last blog ..Post it note Tuesday =-.

    • says

      They spilled a little taking the pictures but that is okay because Violet absolutely refuses the bottle – I am just required to bring a bottle to drop her off. It stinks to waste breastmilk so I have asked them to try and mix some with her cereal to help use it!

  2. says

    I love this! I also tried very hard to show my daughter that breastfeeding is normal and I actually let her touch my boob once before I fed the baby. Wow that sounds disturbing in print.

    • says

      Yes to type it out makes it very odd sounding huh? Sophia felt the lumps in my breast when I had mastitis and I had to show her why mommy was hurting. It’s okay! I think kids should learn about bodies and nature and all that good stuff!

  3. says

    That is pretty awesome! I admire your bravery. I found with my oldest two, I couldn’t even do it around them after a while, because whilst they were fascinated, they bumped me around a lot (ouch) and I’d get so stressed I wouldn’t produce as well. So bravo to you!
    .-= Hear Mum Roar´s last blog ..Flowers are red =-.

    • says

      So awkward but no you are not crazy I will miss it when Violet is done. I will miss all of these baby days so much. Now I have to go and weep.

  4. says

    Oh I think that is sweet. I also try to normalize nursing with my older boys. When I started nursing my 3rd child my 5yo asked if he could try some. Of course I pumped and put it in a glass. He drank it and laughed and said it was yuckers :)
    .-= Chantal´s last blog ..Moving along =-.

  5. says

    So funny! Yes, it is hard to explain some things to kids on the fly isn’t it? I didn’t pump that often and it was usually at night but on one of the rare occasions I pumped in front of my oldest she also asked to help. However, I had an older model pump that wasn’t easy to work so my daughter gave it about half a try and never asked again. I had completely forgotten about that HAHA!
    .-= Cranky Sarah´s last blog ..The passing of a friend =-.

    • says

      20 years? Heck – I am going to use these as bribery and threaten to show them to their friends in like 10 years! Good idea huh? I’m going to tweet it!

  6. says

    This is awesome! Your kids are so proud too – haha!
    Note to self – have first baby milk me when nursing second baby. I hand pumped for over a year and while I dreaded doing it, I was grateful to be able to nurse for as long as I did even with a full-time work schedule.
    .-= Justine´s last blog ..Do you eat dog? =-.

  7. says

    I love that you did this!! Really and truly I do. My oldest watches me nurse the youngest all the time. It’s normal for him and that’s how I want it to be. I remember the first time I pulled out the pump. Gosh was that cause for questions.
    .-= Christine LaRocque´s last blog ..Everyday !!! =-.

  8. says

    Hilarious! When my son (Milo) asked me if he could help make milk for his sister (Violet), I let him play with my pump parts for a moment, then he decided he was going to pump, too, so he took his shirt off and stuck the horns over his nipples and sat there patiently waiting for milk to come. Thankfully, he didn’t have the pump switched on…
    .-= IASoupMama´s last blog ..Guess What We’ve Been Doing? =-.

    • says

      Are you kidding you have a Milo and Violet and I have a Miles and Violet – that is CRAZY! It would have been so funny and scary if it was switched on! Funny for you nd your readers…scary for him!

      • says

        Yep, I’ve got a Milo and a Violet. They just sound right together, huh? If the pump HAD been on, I’d have a hard time explaining the hickeys on his chest…
        .-= IASoupMama´s last blog ..Guess What We’ve Been Doing? =-.

  9. vodka logic says

    I don’t think the idea occured to me so I think it is cool. As you said I would prefer not to be milked by anyone but since they “caught” you I think you handled it well..
    .-= vodka logic´s last blog ..One of My Favorite Things =-.

  10. says

    My older son was fascinated with breastfeeding. When I would unhook the nursing bra, he thought it was funny to say, “Boobies ready!”
    .-= Lucy Cooper´s last blog ..A Bop-Bone By Any Other Name, or, Top Ten New Names for the Children Formerly Known as Six and Bam-Bam =-.

  11. says

    Jackson was almost 3 when I was BFing London. My favorite question was, “Mommy, why is there little tiny milkies coming out of your nipples?”. Ahhh…questions we love to answer. ;) Now that he’ll be 4.5 when Brooklyn gets here, the questions should be even more fabulous.
    .-= Becki´s last blog ..A Sneak Peek… =-.

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