Violet Grace: Month Two

Baby Violet is 2 months old! She joined us in January as a tiny little girl, weighing 5 pounds 12 ounces. Well, in just 2 months she has gained 5 pounds and is busy winning the hearts of all with her pudgy little cheeks and her totally kissable mouth and well…everything. After 2 months she is still a mama’s girl. She smiles for me, she gives me her special looks and I could swear some days we both roll our eyes at the rest of our house.  They are just so….loud!  I will say she thinks they are funny sometimes though, and I think she tries to lick Miles when he comes around – probably because he is always covered with whatever he last ate!

Violet is my most quiet baby so far.  The only issue is she is only quiet for me.  So far she calms down as soon as I pick her up. This neat little trick does not work for those without my boobs.  We are still working on the bottle thing.  I think she might be like my others and make babysitters run for their lives. 

We nurse about every 90 minutes to 2 hours all day and then take a little break for mommy to have dinner.  Then we nurse after dinner and take a break to read books and sing songs and take baths as a family.  Violet gets hugs and kisses goodnight from Sophia and Miles at 8 p.m. and then east and takes a nap until around midnight.  She eats again and then sleeps for 5-6 hours.  Then we start over.  It’s a lot, and the constant nursing has made it tough for me to juggle everything else, but I love every minute of this baby girl.  Ross says she is my last baby (this makes me SO sad) so I am trying to not miss a moment!

Violet – Mommy Loves You!


  1. Judy Balloff says

    Love, love, love getting to see my precious daughter, son in law and grandchildren, Sophie, Miles and Violet. Boy, sometimes Miles looks just like Sam! Great Video and perfect song! Would love the beach picture….can you send me a copy? Love, Mom

  2. says

    Aww. What a cutie pie you have on your hands. I miss that new baby smell. My babies are 3 now, and they sure don’t smell the same as a itty bitty baby!

    Stopping by from Friday Follow! Hope you have a great weekend. Stop by my place when you can!
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  3. says

    I just found your blog through Friday Follow! I’m following you now. What a sweet, sweet post!!! By looking at her now, you could never never she was so tiny two months ago!!

  4. Laura E says

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  5. grahama ahlstrom says

    Beautiful video britt, I love to see all my nieces and nephews! maybe this summer you could do another video using dylan, thats my baby in the water…one of my favorites. love yoiu so much, talk soon

  6. says

    I love the videos that you do! I can’t believe it’s been a month! I feel like I just read your one month post. I want time to fly by, though, as I have two months of my pregnancy left! Can’t wait until I’m celebrating her one and two month birthdays!
    .-= Liza´s last blog ..Dear Driver =-.

  7. Elisa says

    Your kids are adorable. Congratulations. And I always really enjoy your blog.

    I have to admit, I kind of miss the all day nursing. I miss the baby stage in general. We’d always planned to have more kids, but even though I’d love another baby every time I think about bringing another little one home I get this intense feeling like I’d be cheating on my little boy… almost like there wouldn’t be enough of me to go around for two of them…

    Am I a weirdo??

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