Sophia Says: Coldy

This is an epilogue to my last post, Like Mother Like Daughter. After I posted Sophia wanted to wear a jacket outside in the HOT weather because she was Coldy inside. Then she took it off outside.  Minutes later she was hot, as was I. I was not kidding. This girl is my child.

What is it about your kids that might be strange but it always reminds you that they are yours?  I love stories!

I have decided to categorize some of Sophia’s comments under a Sophia Says category because they are so funny sometimes.  Enjoy!


    • Brittany says

      Nancy – I wish I had been doing it since Sophia was born but hey never too late! I have also started making photobooks with My Publisher. It is great! It might be a good way for you to go back a little and put in some of the stories you remember without leaving the computer or having to go through tons of old stuff! Thanks for the comment! I subscribed to your site via Google Reader. Hope to see you around again!

  1. says

    Wonderful video of Sofia! I like your blog: it has a clean look and feel. It has very kind and moving energy. Thank you. Who did the blog design for you? Thank you.

    • Brittany says

      Thanks! If you look back a few posts I am very slowly doing the design myself. It is tedious but I could not find what I wanted in a template. As you can see I still need a banner and some shred of a logo! There are a couple things in the future that I may contract out on the design because they are too hard but right now I am just taking it one task at a time!

  2. says

    Hey – I’ve just come accross your blog – it’s great. What a cute daughter you have. Children just say the sweetest things sometimes – nad yes I wish I had been blogging since mine were born too – but better late than never!

  3. says

    She is such a little peach!

    On another note, I saw you mentioned you need a header, That’s something I really enjoy doing, although I must say I’ve never done one for anyone but myself…. anyways, what I’m trying to say is, I’d love to make you one just as more practice for myself. Let me know, have a great day!

  4. Mom says

    I smile everytime I watch this youtube video of Sophia. It is such an awesome thing that I can see her in everyday situations when we live far apart. I wish I could have had this so my Mom would have seen you and your siblings grow up!!!