Minne Ears

We planned the perfect Violet's Bowtique to celebrate her 4th birthday party with her favorite mouse.  Sorry Mickey, she adores Minne. I love throwing a good birthday party and in this, I admit, I usually go over the top.  We go Disney themed a lot here.  I think everyone knows we rock our Disney Side… Read More

Who Doesn’t Love a Great Love Story? Thumbnail

One of my favorite things is a simple love story.  To find someone to love and who loves you for who you are is a precious gift.  When you find that someone, you don't let them get away.  If you lose them, you search. True love is worth a whole lot. The Love of Blank… Read More

Vintage Sheet Music Art

Let's bring a little music into our homes with this easy Vintage Sheet Music Art! I've been playing piano again. I've been practicing for 15 to 30 minutes each day, wrapping myself in memories of my youth and the songs I have loved for so long. I'm back with the same easy piano sheet music… Read More

Just a Boy and His Robot

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Romo the Robot

There's a new robot for kids on the scene. He's cute and lives inside your phone. You simply attach your phone to the ROMO base and turn on the app. Boom! You have a robot ready to train and teach your kids the basics of programming. All of my kids ages 7, 5 and 3… Read More

Interfaith Holidays

How shall the holidays be? So we got married 10 years ago with what we call a "Rogue Rabbi" and a lenient minister. It was not so easy to find both a rabbi and a minister who would marry two people in an interfaith ceremony, neither of whom were converting, and neither of whom would… Read More

Comforts of Home Giveaway Crop

The holiday season has officially begun! Last week we celebrated Thanksgivukkah at the beach with my husband's family. You know, Hanukkah began on Thanksgiving day and this will not happen again for another 77,000 years. I just thought this was so cool. I adore hearing my children say the traditional nightly blessings, trying their hardest… Read More

10 Ways to Conserve Water Thumbnail

Where I live, and maybe where you live, it is easy to take water for granted.  That would be a mistake.  Droughts are a serious issue for the U.S. We should care about conserving water here and about providing basic access to clean water and sanitation around the world.  Clean water makes life possible.  There… Read More

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